How to make money as a freelance web designer in 2022

by | May 23, 2020

As we know it’s the era of the internet and technology and everything is taking place on our mobiles and desktops. For this reason, everyone wants to promote and upgrade his/her business through the internet. On Fiverr, there are a lot of offers and requests for the designing and developing of websites. If you are a WordPress developer, then you can easily make money on Fiverr. Certainly, you can also work as a freelance web designer and can earn a good amount of money. So If you want to become a freelance web designer and want to know how it works on Fiverr, continue reading this article. So, here I am going to show you some gigs of Fiverr related to wordpress website designing. From these gigs, you can get a better idea of this kind of work.

This is a subcategory of Programming & Tech.

WordPress is a subcategory on Fiverr. This subcategory is part of the leading group on Fiverr called Programming & Tech. WordPress category contains many gigs of different sellers who work as freelance web designers from all over the world.

If you are a WordPress developer and skilled in it, you can offer your services as a WordPress developer or freelance web designer. Moreover, you can take inspiration and ideas from other sellers who provide the same service on Fiverr. Here, I’ll show you the gigs of different sellers who are working as freelance web designers and designing wordpress websites.

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1. Creating a wordpress website

Take this gig as an example to better understand freelance web designer work and service. If we talk about seller’s services here it includes the following things

  • Development of  WordPress website
  • Hosting configuration, including CMS installation.
  • Responsive and personalized design.
  • Plugin Installation like; Akismet, All in one SEO pack, contact form 7, W3 Total Cache, Woo Commerce, and others.
  • Premium packages include the integration of business, E-commerce, and multilingual features.

The Seller frelance web designer packages price based on the number of pages of website buyers want. Moreover, the price is also based on the complexity of the required website. The seller also asked for images and textual content from customers to add to their website. Seller is also an expert in creating different types of websites like blogs, business, education, and portfolios. Hence, if we talk about the price of the gig, there are three packages in his gig. The price of these three packages varies from 1000 dollars and increases. He is a top-rated seller on Fiverr for freelance web designer jobs and you can get motivation from his work if you also have this talent.

2. Http and https configuration and installation of SSL certificate on a WordPress site

The seller offers his services as,’’ I will configure HTTP to HTTPS install SSL certificate’’. Moreover, he has skills and expertise in the SSL fix wordpress site. In addition to this, he promises that his developed SSL makes your website reliable. Users of your website feel security during browsing or shopping on your website. He committed that he would work until his customers get full satisfaction from his work. The seller service needs to access data to the site of the control panel. The basic package of the seller starts from 5 dollars and he is a level 2 seller on Fiverr. Because of his dedication and hard work, he earns a good amount of money through freelance web designer services.

3. Designing a landing page using elementor pro

The seller’s basic package starts from $200. He is offering different services which also include;

Default model. This service includes in the basic package

Custom design. This service includes the standard and premium packages.
Responsive design
Create from PSD, Adobe XD, or Sketch files.
SEO optimization
Fast Loading Time
Installation of necessary plugins
This seller also has a very good rating on Fiverr for freelance web designer. Since he is a level 1 seller and he is an expert in designing landing pages so he is earning a good amount of money on this platform.

4. Scanning your website from malware

The seller offers his services in cleaning and scanning your website from malware. Besides this, his services also include vulnerability testing and securing of site. Moreover, he assists his customers in discovering and removing all kinds of malware, web shells, and web mailers. He also claims that a website infected with any kind of malware can steal your traffic. Indeed, such kind of websites is bad for your business and marketing. For this reason, he will help his customers with their website cleaning and scanning. He is also a level 2 seller and the basic package of this seller’s services of freelance web designer starts from 100 dollars.

5. Bug fixes and WordPress issues

Seller services include

Responsive problems (Desktop, iPhone, iPad, and iPad Pro)
Debugging iPhone-related issues
Corrections for iPad and iPad pro
CTA button style problems
Problems with contact forms
Problems with cursors

He is a professional freelance web designer and a top-rated seller on Fiverr in the category of ffreelance web designer. Besides this, he claims that he has 19 years of experience in the creative industry. Moreover, He guarantees that his work will be clean and dynamic and according to buyer demand. In addition to this, he has a wealth of knowledge, experience, and skills in the field of websites. This seller’s basic services package starts from 100 dollars and at this time he is earning a good amount of money.

6. Improving the speed of WordPress site

This seller is offering a very helpful service about freelance web designer. As we all know a fast-speed website gives the user a better experience during browsing. Here, Seller is offering services regarding this issue, and his work area services also include;

Website caching
Browser caching
Gzip compression
HTML,CSS and JS magnification
Image optimization
Content delivery network (15$ extra)
He is a level 2 seller and the Seller’s basic package starts from 15$.In addition to this, he also asks for extra money for the content delivery network services.

7. Complete SEO optimization of a WordPress site

The seller is offering his services in complete SEO optimization of wordpress sites. A seller service also includes;

  • Optimization of titles and descriptions
  • Search for useful, long-tailed, and short keywords
  • Verification of sitemap and Robots.txt file
  • Optimization of tags and images
  • SEO friendly links
  • Check for crawl errors and broken links
  • Verification of structured data and breadcrumbs
  • Optimization of site speed and performance
  • Optimization of internal characters

This seller ranks as a top-rated seller for freelance web designer. In addition to this, he is an expert in various industries like business, Crypto, blockchain, E-commerce, and education. The seller also guarantees he will boost your Shopify store with an affordable e-commerce agency. This seller’s basic package starts at 250$.

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8. Troubleshoot and fix issues in WordPress

Sellers offer their services in fixing issues and troubleshooting with your wordpress site. he is an experienced freelance web designer. Moreover, seller services also include;

  • Personalization of WooCommerce
  • Fixing WordPress errors
  • Rectifying plugin errors
  • Correction of errors in WooCommerce products
  • Correcting shipping errors
  • Correction of payment errors

This seller is a level 2 seller and has experience of 10 years working with WordPress and freelance web designer. He provides his services to his customers in assisting their site-related issues. Moreover, he is specialized in blogs, online communities, portals, brochures, and Wikipedia knowledge. Besides this, He claims that he is a goal-oriented, and experienced freelance website developer. The seller’s basic package starts from 75 $ and by his abilities in wordpress, he also is earning a decent amount of money.

9. Migration of a WordPress site

The seller is an expert in changing the location of a wordpress site. He also claims that he will transfer duplicate, copy, move, or migrate WordPress within 30 Hours. So if you are thinking of migration of your wordpress site then this seller is ready to help. Moreover, he required a little information about your task at the beginning of his work. This seller is also a top-rated seller on Fiverr and his basic package starts from $100

10. Creation of a personalized WordPress plugin

The seller offers his services and expertise in the creation of personalized WordPress plugins. As we know, WordPress plugins are made up of code snippets and these plugins increase the website functionality in an imaginable way. So, these Plugins range from simple event-triggered functions to the advanced full-stack application. He is a level 2 seller and also he is an expert in the development of plugins. The seller’s basic package starts from 300$ and this seller is also earning a good amount of money through Fiverr.

11. Create E-commerce website

The seller offers his services and expertise in the creation of e-commerce websites. The seller’s basic package starts from $35 and this seller is also earning a good amount of money through Fiverr.

As you can see there are various profiles on Fiverr who are offer services in WordPress designing or freelance web designer. So if you have this talent, you can also become a freelance web designer and try yourself on Fiverr.

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Written by Abhinav Anand

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