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by | May 17, 2020

Being a writer is an art and wonderful…You can use your talent for making fairy tales and the wonderful imaginary worlds of words to make money by freelance book writing jobs online on Fiverr! In this article I’ll explain how to do this;

A writer creates fiction stories and fantasy stories that seem to be real. Indeed, a writer can take their reader to an imaginary world of their created words. We are all somewhere inspired by such kinds of imaginative stories in our life.

Each of us has a different kind of fairy tale and beautiful stories with us. Surely, some of us have stories of our favorite films and novels in our minds. Certainly, it is an art to create such kinds of stories that create magic for the audience. A writer with powerful featuring skills writing grabs the attention of his audience. For this reason, you should definitely try yourself in this field If you have such kind of ability.

Finding a publisher

If you are planning to publish your book, and you are unknown to the public. It may be difficult for you to find a publisher for your book. However, when there are a true passion and dedication for anything then everything becomes possible.

Fiverr is providing you the opportunity not only to polish your skills but also in the aspect of earning. On Fiverr, you have the opportunity to earn a decent amount of money by writing short stories for your customers. If you don’t know about this, then you are going to get all kinds of information related to this. Let’s discuss in detail how can you make money by freelance book writing jobs. On Fiverr, there is a subgroup called

This is a subcategory of Writing & Translation.

Under this category, there is a subcategory on Fiverr called Writing & Translation. Yes! You read this right if you have writing skills then on Fiverr, you can earn money. Under this category, people with writing skills offer their services and earn money. Further, you have the option to write articles, blog articles, short stories, and essays. By this method, on Fiverr, you can earn a decent amount of money by using your skills.

I am going to show you a few gigs of sellers who do freelance book writing jobs under this category. Clearly, by these gigs, you can get a better understanding of this work.

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1. Write Books and eBook

The first gig in freelance writing job is here. Through her gig, the writer offers to write on various topics in writing (about 20). The Writer offers to write from fiction stories to nonfiction stories. The Writer’s basic offer starts from 10 dollars and after that depends on the package purchased by the buyer. The writer is offering that she will write you a unique eBook with a unique story. A book comprises a likable table of content with no encoding at all. In this way, by using her freelance book writing job she is earning a good amount of money.

2. Write poetry and poem books

The writer has completed her professional creative writing course at INTEC College of arts. She successfully wrote many fiction and nonfiction books & eBooks for various buyers. Besides this, she is also an expert in writing novels and she wrote different novels in her writing career. Through her gig, she promises high-quality writing content for her customers. In addition to this, she also has good experience in poem writing. She can write content with such words which can create magic for her readers. She promised in her gig that buyers will get top-quality poems with emotions attached to every word. The seller’s basic package starts from 100 dollars which is more than fine. By using her freelance book writing job skills, she is earning a good amount of money. 

3. eBooks writing, Christian ghostwriter and recipe book

If you are looking for a professional eBook writer or ghostwriter, or freelance book writing jobs, the seller offering her services in this field. The seller is offering that she will write kinds of eBooks with great quality and standards. The seller’s basic package starts from 50 dollars and has 3000 words of writing. 

Moreover, she is also offering that she can write and offer you a recipe book too.

4. Write articles for you with best choices of words

The writer explains her services that she is a creative writer with multiple skills. In article writing, she has more than two years of experience and is possesses brilliant skills in writing articles for websites and blogs. She is skilled in research-based writings and article writing. She claims that she can write articles, short stories, and essays for her clients. Moreover, in her gig, she guarantees that she will give quality content to her clients. Furthermore, she is also a medical student and for this reason, she can also write medical research-based articles. By utilizing her writing skills she is also earning a good amount of money through Fiverr.

5. Write a Story for kids

Do you want someone for a freelance book writing jobs for kids. This writer has a slogan” Let me put words to your ideas”. The seller writes such stories based on customer’s ideas, characters, and styles. She gives all kinds of commercial rights to her clients for good work experience. Her basic package according to customer wish starts from 65 dollars and increased so on. She is earning good from Fiverr by writing different kinds of short and entertaining stories for kids.

6. Creatively ghostwrite, edit and rewrite a novel

This young writer considers most suitable for freelance book writing jobs. Furthermore, he is also an expert in post-apocalyptic and apocalyptic work. In addition to this, he does not mind writing in other genres as well. He is also offering his services in a rewrite, manually rewrite, and creative rewrite. Apart from this, he has experience in editing and proofreading of all kind of content. There are three packages in his gig and the basic package starts from 25 dollars. 

7. Get your nonfiction ghostwriter

The Writer has a lot of experience freelance book writing jobs and she is the author of 4 books so far. She is a talented writer and loves to write about humor, mystery, fiction, and fantasy. She is a top-rated seller on Fiverr and she claims that she can write 20,000 words on any given topic of her client. .She is earning a good amount of money by writing content through Fiverr. Similarly, if you have the talent of writing like her then you can also earn a good amount of money.

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8. Ghostwrite your books on any topic

The writer calls himself an expert in ghostwriting, editing, freelance book writing jobs and proofreading of content. He is ready to help his clients becoming an author with the project of his own books. He is offering that he will write a wonderful paper, novel, or any other related content. So if you need a freelance book writing jobs, or professional eBook writer or ghostwriter then this writer is ready to help. He will offer you a beautiful and masterpiece of writing within a few days. On Fiverr, the writer basic package is starting from 25 dollars and increase afterward. Undoubtedly, he is also earning a good amount of money by using his writing capability.

9. Ghostwrite eBooks and novels

This writer claims to have a lot of experience and skills in the writing field. The writer is an expert in writing on different things and topics of the customer. She is an expert in freelance book writing jobs category. For instance, freelance book writing jobs, summaries, poems, novels, books, and small stories are included in her expertise.
The seller is an expert and has about 7 years of experience in the writing field. She promises that you will find the content according to your demand and according to your choice. Moreover, she also claims that she is an expert in the English language, English Grammar. The writer’s basic package starts from 10 dollars and she is the level, one seller. She is also earning a good amount of money by writing on various topics for buyers.

10. Your professional eBook writer and ghostwriter, book writer

This writer guarantees:

In-depth content, 100% unique with Copyscape verification and excellent grammar and diction.

The seller can write in Professional format for all publishing platforms for buyer ease. The writer’s basic package starts from 25 dollars has 2500 words of unique content. Moreover, she also claims that she is a pro journalist and seasoned offers freelance book writing jobs. She guarantees that she will give her buyers with unique and original content.

11. Ghostwrite your romance novel

In this gig, the seller calls herself a perfect writer with a touch of class. She offers for the book writing jobs, writing contemporary love stories, fantasy, and sub-genres of historical love stories. The writer offers that if you want a romantic novel with a touch of class then she is a perfect choice. She offers herself as an expressive, fervent, and thrilling kind of writer. Moreover, she is gifted with enough wealth of experience in romance writing and thrilling writing. This writer’s basic package starts from 60 dollars containing 5000 words of an exciting love story. In this way, this writer also earning a good amount of money by using her writing skills.

12. Help write your novel

In this gig, the writer aims to help his clients in writing his/her novel by analyzing the characters and suitable styling. He is offering freelance book writing jobs from a long time. Also, He will develop a complete plot and revise it until the customer gets satisfied. He offers his availability and services to give assistance and research in writing novels. Additionally, he will support the research of history and culture to emulate with perfection.
He will also support the creation of characters in tune related to the story of the client. He says that he has many years of experience in official and artistic writing content. Moreover, He is also an expert in English grammar and application of specific styles according to the client’s choice. This writer’s basic package starts from 5 dollars. He is earning a decent amount of money by providing his services in assistance in writing novels.

13. Write kid stories and children books with cover

The next gig in our category of freelance book writing jobs is a dedicated seller on fiverr. The writer defines her writing styles and skills a little differently than others. The seller words not only entertain children but also featured with moral lessons. These moral lessons help children to build their personality in their growing age.
From this writer’s stories, children can learn simple and creative ways related to different things. She also clarifies her services by saying that she will give exact required and plagiarism free content. Additionally, the writer also claims that her writing not only entertains your kids but also gives them life lessons. The basic package of the writer starts from 25 dollars. Undoubtedly by this kind of writing method writers earning a good amount of money through Fiverr.

Well with these services on Fiverr you can make some money by doing freelance book writing jobs. The best thing about it is that you can work on something you love and that too without any stress.

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Written by Abhinav Anand

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