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by | Mar 26, 2021

Who doesn’t wish for the perfect YouTube video editor who will help you to get 1k followers?

Now you can meet your requirements for high-quality video editing by hiring a YouTube video editor. The value of an amazing video is necessary for promoting any service, brand, or product. Are you stressed about time and budget? You will truly be delighted to know that Fiverr will be the right place for you for hiring a capable YouTube video editor.

There are a number of freelancers available on Fiverr. By all means, they will accomplish your goals as per your demand. Firstly, choose one for you who is skilled in the appropriate field for your task. Secondly, pick one according to your budget. Lastly, place your order. So, whom are you waiting for? By all means, make your life stress-free by hiring an outstanding YouTube video editor.

More specifically, we need creativity for our task and want to hire a knowledgeable person. For YouTube channels, social media, blogs, websites, and other places you will definitely need aesthetic videos that will increase your traffic. By all means, increase your followers and subscribers.

So, amazing video editing along with affordable prices are equally important. Additionally, before placing your order go through their profile and gig in order to get an idea about their skills. Certainly, you are going to get an excellent editing service within your budget and time limit.

Now, I am going to showcase some profiles of freelancers who are surely experts in video editing. Hope that you will be benefited a lot from picking the perfect fit for your task.

Fiverr search

Try Searching Any Service On Fiverr.

1. Professional video editing for YouTube under 24 hours

He is an expert in video making and editing, running his own YouTube channel. In fact, he has 6 years of experience in video & Audio editing. His opening budget is $10 for his service.

Also, he is a level 2 seller on Fiverr with a 4.9-star rating. Generally speaking, he is skilled in multiple sections of video editing. Certainly, he won’t disappoint you.  So far, he has been selling his services with positive feedback from the customer since 2018. For this reason, hire his service today.

His services are illustrated below:

      • Do all Editing on short Films for FB, IG, YT, Compilation, Real Estate, and many more.
      • Video Compression
      • Wedding Videos
      • Animation
      • Creating Intro & Outro
      • Cut/ Trim & Join clips
      • Add Music/Background music
      • Creating Highlights
      • Time Lapse
      • Fast Forward/slow Motion

2.  Attractive and Creative Thumbnail Design

Want to hire a youtube video editor for designing a perfect youtube thumbnail? 

He is very professional and a level 2 seller. Of course, he will make your thumbnail engaging owing to grab your customer. 

Also, most of the You-Tubers are using their custom thumbnails for making their videos pop and to get more clicks and views. This makes their video stand out from even videos that might have more views or be more popular.

Evidently, he is going to design EYE-CATCHY You-tube Thumbnails for your videos. He’ll surely create a nice thumbnail that attracts attention. Let’s make the viewers curious about your content too. Besides, he is experienced in working with Photoshop and Illustrator too.

Furthermore, his service is extremely Quick and Fast. Also, his gig states that he is available at any time and respond to you within 1hour. His thumbnails are always in 1980×1080 Full HD

Dreaming to grab viewer’s attention? Correspondingly, want more views by making YouTube thumbnails?

    3.  Amazing YouTube Subscribe Animation

    How about getting 1k subscribers on your YouTube channel?

    If you want to attract your YouTube channel then you must add Subscribe, Bell Like, Share Animation. Despite, a professional YouTube video editor. Furthermore, his basic package starts at $5. Correspondingly, he has been selling his amazing service in Fiverr since 2019.

    Guess what? You will surely gain worthy work at $5 from his Gig. Such as:

        • Subscribe to Animation Style of your Choice
        • 1920x1080p Full HD Resolution 60fps
        • MOVE File Transparent Background or Green Screen MP4
        • Sound Effects
        • Delivery on time
        • 100% customer satisfaction

    However, before placing an order keep in mind that you need to watch the video first. Next, choose your favorite Animation Style. Let him know your channel name and drop him your logo or photo.

    So, Contact him for getting your desired work. Hurry UP! Place Your Order Now!

    He is passionate about editing videos and motion effects. More specifically, do Premiere Pro and After Effects. Above all, he is an expert YouTube video editor with more than 5 years of experience.

      4.  Professional YouTube banner in 24 hours

      Barence offers to make an attractive YouTube Channel banner for $10. The seller is from Indonesia, a graphic designer with 3 years of experience in the field. She is a member of Fiverr since 2018 and has some good reviews about her communication and project execution-style.

      The delivery time for getting a basic banner is 2 days and she offers unlimited revisions!

      She’s a keeper, we must say.

      5.  Create best YouTube intro and outro

      A level 2 seller with a 4.9 rating. Let’s see what this seller has to offer.

      His gig goes by the title ‘I will create the best YouTube intro and outro’ at the basic cost of $5. It includes 1 Intro animation – 1080p (1920×1080) with background music and unlimited revisions.

      He has given perfect details as to why you should be working with him and choose him as your YouTube editor. Additionally, he has completed over 400+ similar projects, works with a team of professionals with over 5 years of experience in the field.

      6. YouTube SEO for ranking boost

      Shofi7khan is a digital marketing expert. He has over 1k+ reviews and has been a member of Fiverr since 2018. He offers to do YouTube SEO for a rapid ranking boost.  For $5, he will do the following to boost up your YouTube ranking:

      • Page/Channel Evaluation
      • 10 Keywords/Hashtags Research
      • 1 Video Optimized
      • Title & Description Optimized
      • Meta Tag Optimization

      So check out what more he’s got to offer.

      7. Convert blog post, article to YouTube video with voice over

      Want to really convert blog posts or articles to videos at an offer price? Then you might be at the perfect place.

      He has been an active member since June 2019. Consequently, he is an expert in the conversion of videos. Of course, publishing content is not enough for your business promotion. In the first place, you will need an attractive video to promote. He will surely build your traffic through converting articles to videos. In particular, he is a very punctual buyer with 5 years of experience in his field. His rating is 5 as well. Overall, he is going to provide you the quality work as fast as he can.

      He has pointed out his services in the following:

          • Convert your blog post, text, or article to a
          • Edit templates as of your (Click this link for sample templates:
          • Select related copyright-free photos, videos, and background
          • Add texts and text
          • Intro and outro if
          • Add voice-over. (Read FAQ section for more )

      The outset price of him is $5. As a passionate YouTube video editor, he will ensure you high-quality work. Contact him without any delay!

        Fiverr search

        Try Searching Any Service On Fiverr.

        Achieving quality products similarly at your affordable price and the fixed time limit is tough to get. You will get an amazing opportunity on Fiverr. From this marketplace, you can choose your favorite YouTube video editor who can meet your demands appropriately.

        8.  Viral YouTube video promotion

        Currently, a level 2 sellers who are very busy, at least the last we saw him. He had 46 active orders! Now that’s just impressive.

        So, what’s so cool about this seller? It offers:

        1 Video Promotion at $5

        We will promote(embed) your video two times on our blog I 2 Days Delivery. The post will reach an audience size of 175000 with 2 permanent posts up on the blog.

        9. YouTube consultation & help

        If you’re looking for somebody to answer your YouTube channel questions, Boris provides professional help and consultation.

        For $25, he will set up a 30-minute long video consulting session and answer all your queries related to how you can set up a YouTube channel and boost your ranking on the platform.

        He creates action plans as well. So seek professional help, get reviewed and constructive feedback from this seller.

        10. Complete YouTube channel setup

        Pervin will create a professional-looking YT channel, all suited to your need. She will not only create, setup, design but also optimize your YouTube channel for $10.

        So check out her gig “I will

        Also,she is a level 2 seller who provides excellent services with 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed.

        fiverr pro

        Pro Service

        Are you longing for getting top-quality service from Fiverr Pro? By hiring Fiverr Pro you will clearly get the very best service. If you are aiming for a highly professional service then please go for these Fiverr Pro Sellers. Of course, the cost would be higher but you will get excellent professional service without any hassle.

        1.  Edit your YouTube or social media video and Commercials

        Sharon Peleg is a highly creative and skilled YouTube video editor with a lot of experience in video editing, commercials, promos, social media, and documentaries. As you see, h is very good at “telling the story”.

        Whatever film you need for your company, friends, or your YouTube channel, he will undoubtedly edit your video according to your taste.

        His basic package commences at $360. You will get 4-6 min movies for $800 in his premium package. Also, His gig illustrates that he will provide you color grading, up to 60 minutes of footage, sound design, and mixing, motion graphics, subtitles, etc.

        Therefore, contact this stunning YouTube video editor for getting a fabulous video. In short, investing money to attain a world-class quality product is worthy.

        2.  Consult you about your YouTube channel

        Let’s be impressed by her innovative service! Also, she is a level 2 seller with a 5-star rating. With over 9 years of experience, she finally achieved the Pro badge. She will grow and promote your YouTube channel indeed. Her gig explains that she can consult on everything between editing, video, copyright and claims, strategy, analytics, etc.

        Sarl is a successful consultant who manages YouTube channels. She operated some of the largest channels in Israel and is herein Fiverr to help you with everything related to managing a successful channel!

          The main difference between the packages is the amount of consult Zoom hours you get with her. Anyway, Let’s improve your business. Make your YouTube channel attractive.

          In brief, if you are a YouTube channel owner and want to develop your business, and build your traffic then this gig undecidedly suits your requirements.

          3.  Edit video using professional editing skills

          The main difference between the package is the amount of consult Zoom hours you get with her.

          Being a professional he will serve you the best editing. As a matter of fact, he makes your
          youtube channel attractive. He is a level 2 seller with 4.9-star reviews. His basic package
          commences at $175

          Regardless of the low budget, he is professional in the following skills:

           Editing / Recutting of your footage
           Titles / GFX
           Color grading/looks
           Animation / VFX
           Format conversion (optimize video for Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, etc.)
           Audio leveling/enhancement

          Apart from that, he will provide you with:

           YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Amazon videos
           Vlog editing
           Product videos
           Instructional vids
           Motion graphics/animation
           After Effects Template Editing
           Finishing your project

          Broelando is a professional video editor with more than 18 years of experience.
          So far, he acquired all sorts of knowledge and skills in video, animation, color
          correction, photography, and media.

          Thereupon, feel free to contact him with any questions or comments.

          4. Grow your YouTube channel

          Alpha matte is a new pro seller on Fiverr. He has a 4.2 rating, which we think is a good start for a Fiverr newbie. His basic package starts at $300 for which he creates a detailed guide about changes needed to make your channel grow in 2021.

          Additionally, his channel has 10 million views a year with over 250k subscribers. He promises to help you grow and explain what is needed to get the right subscribers and views from genuine people and absolutely no bots.

          Hope this list helps you find the perfect YouTube video editor and channel SEO optimizers to help you learn and grow on the video giant platform! So, what are you waiting for? Let’s drop your workload to them for the attainment of quality service soon. After all, they will develop your business by promoting mind- blowing videos.

          If you are new to Fiverr then you can get 20% off on your first order. To get this use the promo code 20FIVERR or click the button below

          Written by Abhinav Anand

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