How to manage orders on Fiverr efficiently and successfully

by | Apr 16, 2020

Here you will learn to manage orders on Fiverr to obtain the best result in terms of quality of service. You will also learn how to obtain a good rating from buyers. I will also explain how to maximize your earnings with some extra offers even during the order is active.

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Orders can arrive on Fiverr in two ways. Either by a direct purchase made by the buyer through one of your Gig or by contact via chat followed by a successful negotiation.

When an order is placed successfully then you will be notified via inbox in the “Messages ” option.

In the first case, the buyer decided to place an order directly by seeing the information present in your gig and believing it to be sufficient. The management of orders in this situation involves some additional challenges due to the non-verification of the buyer’s requirements. In fact, they are not always in line with the details of the offer present in the gig.

For example, it may happen that the buyer did not look at the Gig extras that he would have to add to the total price.

Or it may happen that the file which is sent to the seller to carry out the work does not meet the minimum quality requirements set by you in the gig.

Risk Of Cancellation

In some cases, there is the possibility that the buyer is not willing to add the cost of any extra services to the overall price of his/her order and decides to cancel it.

This might bring negative effects so you need to manage your orders on Fiverr carefully in this case. It may be minimal in some cases and serious in others to the visibility and ranking of your Gig.

Negative Effect

The negative effects will be minimal when the cancellation is done due to the mistake of the buyer.

The negative effect would be serious if you do not properly manage your orders on Fiverr. Negative effect will be more when it is due to a bad management of the order by the seller.

However, it is not always possible to avoid cancellation of orders. But a good seller always does everything which is possible to prevent the cancellation of orders. Even at the cost of accepting an underpaid job.

Adding the request to contact in advance before placing the order in the Gig description reduces the possibility of receiving unsuitable orders.

In the second case when an order is received by having contact via chat from the buyer, there are greater possibilities of controlled and favorable management of the whole negotiation.

A good seller is very responsive

Responding to any message as soon as possible is a key factor that will allow you to get orders. It also prevents the buyer from stops chatting with you and looks for another more available seller.

Buyers are generally unaware of what a seller needs to do his job

Look carefully if you have everything you need to do a good job and if the request you received requires additional work other than what you have mentioned in your gig then it is time to take advantage of the customized offers.

Create an Offer” button is available in the lower part of the chat. After completing the offer you will have to send it and then make it available to the buyer who will only have to accept the offer and make payment of the required amount.

There is a better chance that your offer will be accepted if during the negotiation you have highlighted that the required work is complex and requires more time than the basic one as mentioned in the Gig. I personally explain in detail to the buyer before sending the custom offer. I explain to them why I am eligible to do the job and when I will deliver it. In this way, I give the buyer the opportunity to reflect and perhaps to negotiate a slightly lower price.

If you have worked well previously by receiving excellent feedback and rating then you have a greater chance that the buyer will immediately accept your offer without bargaining.

Install the fiverr app

Responding to any message as soon as possible is a key factor that will allow you to get orders. It also prevents the buyer from stops chatting with you and looks for another more available seller.

Always deliver as soon as possible

  1. Each order has an hourly CountDown which runs out with the passage of time after receiving the order.
  2. Delivering as soon as possible is a good habit because it stops the countdown.
  3. Keep in mind that change requests are common and have the characteristic of restarting the countdown.
  4. Delayed delivery could have very negative effects on your work.

In the next post I’ll explain point by point: how to get orders on Fiverr and also how to improve your service there.

Only accept orders that you are sure to complete in the best way

Keep in mind that a negative rating can seriously damage your reputation. Just as it can happen sometimes that a buyer has a very high expectation and unexpectedly he gave you feedback below your normal average.

These are rare but real cases, and in that case there is nothing you can do about it. Avoid responding angrily and move on. The most important thing is to receive excellent feedback and 5-star rating.

If during the execution of the work if you think you can offer an additional service that may interest the buyer then contact him on the order page and propose your idea and the price you intend to offer him. If he accepts then you can use the Offer More Extras link at your disposal on the same page.

A professional and courteous approach is the basis of every successful negotiation

Making a good impression is important for gaining the trust of the buyer. That buyer will be more likely to place the order with you also.

Let the buyer understand that you are able to do your best to satisfy his requirements. Then you should carefully analyze the files he sent you. You can also ask him to send you the original or the highest quality file also if necessary.

Dolor Amet

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Written by Abhinav Anand

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