The world is complicating day by day. So the people need to do their business works in a proper manner spending a low budget. Of course, people have to deal with the competitive world. As you know business opportunities are like buses, there’s always another one coming. So to exist with a financially stabled position always we have to get services from more talented people. Fiverr is the best place for that.

If you are messy with daily administrative tasks and schedules, organizing your employer’s files, answering emails, arranging meetings and travel plans, and helping to create presentation materials there are so many sellers that are having computer skills, oral communication and writing skills, word processing skills, quick thinking and effective decision making skill and skill of creating compelling social media content that your audience will love. The most interesting thing is you can hire a virtual assistant by spending a $5 budget. There are lots of talented virtual assistants who start from $5 to give their service. So, in this blog, I mention some of the top-rated and most experienced virtual assistants that you can choose from through Fiverr. Absolutely there are so many virtual assistants more than the people I have mentioned below.

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Now, I am going to showcase some profiles of freelancers who are surely experts in video editing. Hope that you will be benefited a lot from picking the perfect fit for your task.

To summarize, these are the 14 sellers who got a place on our list. Here are some examples of gigs that are offering the service of cartoon design & comics on Fiverr;

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1.  Data entry virtual assistant

She is an experienced seller and starts from $5. Additionally, she is one of the top choice to hire a virtual assistant. Also, she is giving his service on Fiverr since the month of April  2021. Absolutely she is having 1 years of experience in Fiverr. She gives his service as 60 minutes of data entry from his basic package.

Data scraping, data entry, PDF to Word or Excel, copy paste work, data conversion, property research, public record search, E-commerce product listing, JPEG to Word or excel, typing in a word or excel, and internet research are her services on Fiverr.

2.  Shopify virtual assistant

This seller has started selling on Fiverr since the month of January 2019. Now he is a level two seller. He is an expert in data entry, MS Word, MS Excel, PDF to Word, PDF to Excel, Web Research, Web Scraping, WordPress, Typing, etc. He starts his basic package from $5. Moreover, He offers simple products up to 10 on any e-commerce site.

Additionally, he is able in all kinds of eCommerce sites including Taobao, Walmart, eBay, Magento, Opencart, Prestashop, Etsy, Target, Flipkart, Amazon, Joomla, etc. After sending the product details like title, description, pricing, SKU, tags, product image, and category he will start the service in a required manner.

3.  Hire a virtual assistant for 2hrs

This seller has started her service through Fiverr since the month of dec 2011. She has become a level two seller within a very short period. That shows the talent of her services. She has handled many types of systems such as MSDOS, SAP, and ERP. In addition to that, she has been working as an accounting and Admin staff in various companies. Currently, she is working in one of the biggest companies in Kuwait as SAP Admin, supporting the management levels.

Her service starts from $30 in the basic package. So you can hire this virtual assiatnt for only $30. Her services include data entry, web research, data collection, retype scanned document, typing work, all works related excel, PDF to excel retyping, data mining, admin work, and manual typing. Of course, she has more than 60 five stars reviews. So we can recommend her as a talented virtual assistant for you.

4.  Administrative virtual assistant

Do you want to hire an administrative virtual assistant. This seller is a member since the month of November 2018 on Fiverr. She has more than 200 reviews on her gig with five stars ratings. As the profile shows she has more experience in Fiverr selling. This seller starts from $5 and from that basic package she offers any type of admin support, social media management, web research, and data entry.

In addition to that, there are two packages that we can get service from her. Those are a $45 standard package and a $150 premium package. The services that she offers are virtual assistant ( Daily, Weekly, Monthly ), data entry ( data mining and web scraping ), Social media management ( Scheduling posts, images creation ), email handling, conversion of PDF to Word and vice versa, Microsoft office work, research work, data collection from PDF, customer support and google spreadsheets.

5.  virtual assistant for phone calls

This seller is a member since March of 2020. She has more than 80 reviews with five stars ratings on her gig. Her basic package starts from $5 and continues with a $30 standard package and a $50 premium package. As the seller mentioned she is having a beautiful voice that gives the ability to communicate in an attractive manner. She mainly focuses on the phone calls like mystery calls, compliance calls, appointment setting, verification calls, customer service, inbound and outbound calls, personal calls, mystery shopping calls, real estate calls, travel calls, cold calls, and telemarketing calls. Definitely, you will get a perfect service from this seller.

6. WordPress virtual assistant

This is an experienced seller on Fiverr. As the gig represents he has got more than 150 reviews within a year. Absolutely it’s a very good achievement. He is a level two seller and of course, lots of buyers have rated him as a talented seller. He is a graduate person with a bachelor in computer science. Apart from that, he has experience of two years in the freelance business. His basic package starts with $5 and one-day delivery. There are other packages as a standard package of $15 and a premium package of $30. His services are wordpress assistance, virtual assistance services, themes customization, plugin installation, post, and pages, set up domain/hosting, move the site to another domain, fix the Html, CSS, PHP issue, increase the site speed, copy-paste, data mining, data collection, internet research, web research, manual typing, PDF to word/excel, setup woo commerce functionality and upload the project.

7. Hire a Shopify virtual assistant

This is a talented seller who is having more experience. He has started his Fiverr journey in August of 2019. Now he is a level two seller who has achieved his goal. Moreover, he also has experience in customer services and support for more than 5 years. This seller has skills in handling and managing eBay seller accounts where he can handle customer support, eBay listening, and dropshipping tasks.

This seller gives services through various types. If you are finding a person for data entry, copy typing, logo creation, content writing, VA, efficient customer care service, dropshipping support, and creation of verified Paypal and eBay accounts he will provide an amazing service for you.

If you are looking for any other service then try searching here:

8.  Hire a Reliable virtual assistant

She is a seller since October 2017. No doubt absolutely she is having more experience in Fiverr selling. She is a level two seller now who is having more than 70 reviews on her gig. Contacting the seller before the ordering will be more effective. Services as email management/ filtering, receptionist duties, setting up email Campaigns, booking appointments with clients, transcription, preparing slideshows, managing the blog, publish posts on the blog, and research certain topics for blog posts, newsletters, or others are provided by this seller. As she starts her service from $5 exactly you will get a great service from this seller for a low price.

9.  Hire a Real estate virtual assistant

This is actually a company which is offering a wide range of services for a low price. If you are tired of doing manual work yourself then you are following the right path. This company is having 4 years of experience and it is represented by the reviews that he got. So, having more experiences is a great witness for you to expect perfect service. Services as real estate data entry, data mining, CRM data entry, data scraping, copy-paste works, data conversion, PDF to EXCEL or Word, JPEG to Excel or Word, internet research, E-commerce products listing, property research, business card entry, public record search are some of the services that he gives to buyers.

10.  German & French virtual assistant

She is having more than two years of experience on Fiverr and now she is a level 2 seller. This seller starts from $5 basic package of three days delivery. Apart from that, she provides her service offering a $15 standard package and a $30 premium package. Her ratings and reviews show all the positive facts about her service. This gig will be a great opportunity for German and French buyers. Retype scanned files, research, blog posts, handle emails, eBay account management, data entry, creating Facebook pages, copy-paste the data from one site to another, manage and add products to your website are some of her services.

11.  Rising talent, reliable virtual assistat

Esther is a BSC graduate with Latin Honors and a native English speaker. Although a new seller, she is a great communicator, is very responsible, and is always eager to learn. She offers services in general administrative assistance for personal and business-related work, data entry services, project management, and more! Her lowest package starts at $10. So if you need your own reliable virtual assistant, avail now of her services

Pro Service

Fiver Pro sellers are verified by Fiverr itself. They’re professional freelancers with a plethora of achievements and accolades, these are the people who provide industry-standard professional practises on Fiverr. Not every seller is a pro seller in Fiverr and below we have selected a few for you to see:

1.  Hire a Zoom virtual assistant

She is a member since the month of February 2020. This seller is a candidate with combined office administration and events coordinating experience. She starts from $40 of service. Some of the skills that she is having are excellent administrative skills, experience in event planning, excellent written and verbal communications skills, excellent software skills including experience with CRM systems, website building, Campaign Monitor, Microsoft office, and ability to build strong working. Her services include planning the meeting, creating invite links and sending invites, setup webinar settings on the platform including registration page, creating social media promotional posts, update participant lists and keeping tabs, etc. You check her gig for other services that she is providing. Absolutely this seller will give quality service as according to your opinion.

2.  Animteam

He is a member since the month of May 2018. We can guarantee his service without any doubt by observing his more than 400 reviews. Of course, he is a level 2 seller who starts service from $5. Actually, he is a full-time freelance. Retype scanned pages, web research, data mining, web scraping, web research on any subject, copy and paste, photo editing, telephone research, E-commerce listing, Microsoft office, handling emails, retype scanned pages are some of his services. Exactly he will be an experienced virtual assistant for you to complete your project.

3.  Phone call virtual assistant

If you are looking for someone to provide professional phone service she will be the most suitable person for that. This seller has 5 years of phone call experience that has gained from working with high-standard companies. She is a member since the month of october 2019. Actually, she has been reviewed by more than 100 buyers with five stars ratings.

This seller starts her service from a $30 basic package. In addition to that her services include a $45 standard package and an $300 premium package. She can make any type of call that you are looking for. For example, we can get cold calling, telemarketing, inbound calls, customer service, outbound calls, appointment setting, and ver.

4.  Hire a Professional virtual assistant

She is a dedicated virtual assistant who is reviewed by more than 100 buyers with positive comments. She has been working full time on Fiverr for more than two years and has previously worked in different multinational companies. As the gig shows she provides virtual assisting, translating, and creative writing services. Of course, she will be a unique virtual assistant for you by giving services like Email writing and follow-ups, organizing files, Microsoft office, documents transcription, and typing jobs, proofreading, web research, social media management, content creation, lead generation, and data entry. As this seller is doing multi-tasking services through Fiverr she will be an experienced person to complete your work in a perfect manner. If you still didn’t check out this amazing, talented people do it now and share your impressions!

Hope this list helps you find the perfect Virtual Assistant to help you learn and grow.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s drop your workload to them for the attainment of quality service soon. After all, they will develop your business by promoting mind- blowing videos.

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