Video editor for hire: Get your video edited at just $5

by | Aug 27, 2020

Videos are a powerful marketing tool – but only if they are done well. Hiring a professional video editor is an investment that can save you time and money in the long run and help you create truly stunning and compelling content. Influencers on Youtube and Instagram who produce high-quality videos often have teams of dedicated professionals working behind the scenes to ensure everything is perfect. Hiring a good video editor is necessary if you are serious about promoting your business with videos. By doing so, you increase the chance of growing your business successfully.

If you are an influencer or business owner who wants to get into video editing but does not have the time or money to invest in a professional editor, this article is for you. Fiverr is an excellent resource for affordable video editing services. Here are some of the most affordable video editors you can hire on Fiverr

Here we are providing a list of the best video editors you can hire based on our personal opinions and experiences. These are not the only great video editors out there, but they are the ones we believe deserve to be on this list!

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1. Professional video editing

The first video editor available for hire on Fiverr is a top-rated seller with more than 4,000 reviews and a 5-star rating. His first package costs just $5, and you’ll get your video edited in four days, with one revision included.
He’s consistently been one of the top-ranked video editors on Fiverr for over four years, maintaining a 5-star rating with more than 4,000 happy customers.


If your video needs pretty much any kind of treatment, He can handle it. He can edit it, so it flows smoothly, add sound effects, text effects, royalty-free music, and just improve the overall appearance of the footage, anything your footage needs. And if he thinks your job is quick and basic enough, He will do it for as little as $5.

Of course, he needs to communicate before your order because $5 has its limits, and no two orders are alike. Communication before ordering just gives him a chance to get on the same page and agree on a price before pulling the trigger.

If speed is an issue, he does offer speedier delivery for various bonus amounts. Just check out his gig extras. He will have your gig done today if you spring for the “extra fast” option. Tomorrow.

In order to expedite the quote process, He loves when buyers have materials and complete instructions ready for him to look at so I can get a hands-on visual idea of the amount of work required.

    2. HD, 4K, UHD Video Editing

    Our level 2 seller has almost 700 positive reviews and offers a basic package starting at $5. This package includes up to five minutes of running time and colour grading, with a delivery time of just two days. He can also edit video commercials, music videos, wedding footage, and much more.

    You can also check out this profile to get a better idea about it:

    Some of the editing services he offers are:

    Cropping and resizing

    Adjusting brightness, contrast, and saturation

    Adding text, transitions, and special effects

    Removing unwanted footage

    Video Direction

    Colour Correction

    Audio Mastering and Mixing

    Split/trim/join clips


    Photo enhancing and filter effects

    Stabilizing anti-shaking

    Create a video or animation from your pictures/clips

    Create graphics overlay for videos

    Video logo embedding and watermark

    Motion Graphics Design

    Adding Background Music/Royalty free music

    Removing Background Noise From Audio

    Typography & Text Animation

    Adding Voice-over

    2D Graphics Design

    Special Effects

    Slow Motion

    Green Screen (30 seconds per gig)

    B rolls / Royalty free footage

    3. Fast Video Editing

    This is a team of sellers who specialize in providing high-quality video footage. Their basic package starts at just $5 for one minute of running time with one revision and day delivery. With more than 1,000 positive reviews, they are among the most highly-rated video teams on the market. In addition to their basic package, they offer services such as adding/removing intro/outro, music, logos, and more.

    They pride themselves on delivering the highest quality video footage in any format of your choice. Moreover, they are also able to work with 4K footage. The satisfaction of their clients is always their top priorit.

    Some of the PROFESSIONAL video editing this team offer

    Drone footage


    Commercials and promos

    Business and marketing videos

    Real Estate videos

    Your family and vacation footage

    Create graphics overlay for videos

    Video logo embedding and watermark

    Motion Graphics Design

    Adding Background Music/Royalty free music

    Removing Background Noise From Audio

    Typography & Text Animation

    Adding Voice-over

    4. Adobe after effects video editing

    The fourth seller on our list is a level 2 seller with almost 1000 positive reviews. He offers one package that costs $5. Before you order, you must contact him so he can make a custom order.

    Some of the editing services this seller offers are:

    Professional video editing

    Licensed backing music

    Licensed stock footage

    Colour correction & grading

    Sound editing / enhancing audio and speech

    Excellent customer service

    5. Travel Video Editing

    This video editor has three different packages, with the cheapest starting at only $5. For that price, you’ll get colour grading and one revision, with a delivery time of just three days. He has a five-star rating and can edit family and travel footage, wedding videos, daily VLOGS, etc. In addition, he can also add many special effects to your videos, such as transitions, post-production, colour correction, text, slideshows, etc.

    This seller can edit:

    Family footage, Travel footage, Wedding videos, Daily VLOGS, Youtube, Event, Vacation, Proposal, and many more.

    Gig details (depends on the package or agreement):

    Special Effects

    Post Production


    Special effects

    Volume Enhancing

    Add titles and Subtitles

    Colour correction



    Joining Clip

    Blurs Correction

    6. Convert pictures in video

    This seller will turn your memorial pictures into a video for a price ranging from $5 to $50. In his first gig, you will get a video of up to one minute of running time, colour grading, and subtitles. Moreover, you will also get one revision, and the delivery time is just one day. The video of $5 can have a maximum of fifteen pictures.

    Besides this, he will set and adjust the brightness, contrast, filters & other essential things of the video before delivering it to you. This seller is also an experienced Software Engineer.

    What will you get from this seller?

    High Quality 1080HD memorial video

    100% Satisfaction

    VIP support, answer choirs within 1 hr of response

    Upload it on youtube if required

    MP4 File format

    7. Instagram Video Editing

    The editor has a gig package that costs only $5. He will edit your Instagram video with the title and progress bar. He will deliver the video in two days, and you will get unlimited revisions.
    Besides this, he is a Graphic Designer and videographer specialising in creating content for social media pages or websites. He can work on any digital service you need.

    What will you get in $5 from this seller?

    • A video for your social media with Title, Captions, Progress Bar, And a Logo.
    • For an Extra 5$, you can get express delivery, a thumbnail, or royalty-free background music!
    • For an extra 15$, you can get subtitles on your video! (Majority of Instagram user watch videos with the sound turned

    Here’s a list of what the seller needs from you to get the job done:

    • Your Footage
    • Titles
    • Transcript for Captions
    • Logo (if you want to put it on)
    • Transcript (SUBTITLES) (Only if you want them in the
    • video and you have bought them as extras)
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      Try Searching Any Service On Fiverr.

      8. Create Youtube Thumbnails

      The next seller on our list is the influencer himself. He’s also a professional YouTuber with over 70,000 subscribers. His YouTube channel is excellent because he edits all of his videos himself. Plus, his basic package only costs $5.

      • Super Fast Delivery: 6 or 12 hours delivery is also available.
      • Source Files: To optimize the space on disk, we don’t keep source files beyond 15 days.
      • Revisions: This seller care for you; that’s why he even does 2-3 revisions for free (Changes in script/voice are omitted). You must request changes within ten days after delivery.

      Corporate videos & Social Media visuals

      Typographic Slideshow

      Wedding Memorial Videos

      Music/Lyrics videos


      Explainer & Business videos

      Your family and vacation footage


      Green screen fixing / Motion graphics


      Color Correction

      9. Youtube video editing

      This seller offers professional video editing services for youtube gaming, music, and wedding videos. You can see examples of his work in his gig gallery. He also offers basic video editing for just $5. This package includes basic editing and text adding. He has two more packages which are advanced editing and more advanced editing.

        10. Remove noise and grains

        The editor is your man if you’re looking for someone to remove noise and grain from your videos. For just $5, he’ll provide you with the service of a one-minute-long video with a guaranteed turnaround time of three days.

        He can also work on pictures to reduce noise and grain, increasing their quality. You can check out samples of his work in the gig gallery.

        • Excellent 5-star customer service
        • Professional video editors
        • Fast delivery
        • Awesome end product
        fiverr pro

        Pro Service

        Introducing the PRO service on Fiverr – a platform where you can find professional and verified sellers who offer high-quality services at a higher price point. If you’re looking for a professional video editor, here is a list of some great Fiverr PRO sellers you can hire for your next project.

        1. Color Correction Of Video

        This seller runs a professional post-production video editing company and has worked with clients from all around the globe. He is a level 1 seller and has never had an unhappy client. His price for the basic package is $150, which includes colour grading of videos up to 30 seconds/10 shots, one revision, and delivery of three days.

        He also has two additional packages with additional services, such as advanced colour grading, green screen removal, and more.

        He runs a professional post-production company and has worked with clients from all around the world. He understands that each video is unique and essential to his clients, so He treats every project with the highest priority. He is passionate about what he does, and his clients can always expect a result they’re happy with.

        He uses Davinci Resolve for colour grading. This software allows him to give each shot the complete treatment without using any LUTs or presets. So this results in a final product that looks natural and polished.

        If you have a specific look in mind for your video, send him a reference, and he will do his best to recreate it with the footage provided.

        Interested in working with him? Send him a message, and he will chat about your project!

        2. Any Video Editing

        This seller offers three different packages on his profile page. His first basic package costs $175 and includes up to 30 minutes of footage and up to 5 minutes of running time. He promises to deliver the completed project within three days and offers one revision.

        In addition, he can provide you with royalty-free music, colour grading, and motion graphics titles for your film. He can also offer various orientations for different social media uses, such as vertical (9:16) or horizontal.
        ⦁ She can edit any type of video for you:
        ⦁ Videos for your social media,
        ⦁ YouTube channel,
        ⦁ Corporate
        ⦁ Short documentaries or fiction
        ⦁ Souvenir from your vacation

        3. Professional Video Editing

        The video editor has a 5-star average rating, and every client is delighted with his work. His basic package for one-minute editing costs $300 and includes:

        What you will get from this seller?
        ⦁ Up to 45 minutes of footag
        ⦁ Up to one minute running tim
        ⦁ Color gradin
        ⦁ Sound design & mixing
        ⦁ One revision
        ⦁ Three day delivery

        4. Cinematic Video Editing

        For our last video editor on this list, we have the most expensive seller. His price is almost $550 with a delivery time of five days.
        He specializes in a wide variety of edited content including:
        ⦁ Product videos
        ⦁ Explainers
        ⦁ How-to videos
        ⦁ Company culture
        ⦁ Promotions, deals, giveaways
        ⦁ He also provides one revision with his package.

        I hope you found this list of video editors on Fiverr helpful! If you haven’t yet checked out their fantastic work, we encourage you to do so now. Fiverr is an excellent platform for finding talented video editors for your next project. 

        If you are new to Fiverr then you can get 20% off on your first order. To get this use the promo code 20FIVERR or click the button below

        Written by Abhinav

        Blogger and Graphic designer with an eagerness to learn.

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