Easiest jobs to do on Fiverr

Are you jobless and also running out of ideas? Are you thinking of starting working from home and want to know about some easy jobs to do on Fiverr? Or have you lost your job or are tired of being an employee for someone else and want to start working for yourself? Every day there are many people who are looking for serious work which can be done from home. They are looking for an opportunity to work from home and earn decent money. Generally, these people are looking for work from home just to have some extra income source.

Fiverr is one such platform which gives you the opportunity to work from home. It is an online digital marketplace where you can hire professionals for your work. Besides this, you can also sell your service across the world. Even if you are not professional or do not have any specific skills then also you can work here. There are some such categories that I will be discussing later in this article. If you haven’t heard about Fiverr then you may like to read about it and also how it works.

If you are young and spend most of the time in your home or if you are a full-time mother then also you may find these ideas helpful. You can start working from home on Fiverr to earn some decent money.


You have to work sincerely

One thing you should keep in mind is that even if you are working from home, you have to work seriously. There is no job that makes you earn without doing anything or that makes you earn thousands of bucks in a few days. Even while working online you have to work honestly with dedication. Earning money online is becoming a reality for thousands of people however one must know how to make money online.

The jobs that I’m going to tell you will not make you rich but you can really earn decent money with minimal effort. Each service that is shown here requires only a small effort and preparation. Then the seller can earn anything between $5 and $35 and even more for a few minutes of work. Here I will list some of the most profitable and easy jobs to do on Fiverr which doesn’t require any professional skills. These are the jobs that you can easily do on this platform.

I’ll give you some examples of how these people are earning decent money by doing these easy jobs. These people are making money online by working from their homes and that too without any professional skill.

All you need is a computer and  an internet connection

Ready? Let’s get started right away!

On Fiverr, there is a category called Lifestyle which houses these subcategories.

If you have not heard about Fiverr before then you can read all about it here:

Now, I am going to showcase some profiles of freelancers who are surely experts in video editing. Hope that you will be benefited a lot from picking the perfect fit for your task.

To summarize, these are the 14 sellers who got a place on our list. Here are some examples of gigs that are offering the service of cartoon design & comics on Fiverr;

If you are looking for any other service then try searching here:

1.  Message in the bottle

This seller provides the service of creating a video on a boat for the buyer. It is one of the best easy to do jobs on fiverr. The service includes singing or delivering video message to someone. He creates a video as a boatman with 50 words chosen by the customer. Besides this he also provide subtitle or anything more to the video if required. However, for more than 50 words seller asks for an extra of $10.

Model dog that promotes your business

This is also a service which does not require any professional skill. Here in this gig, seller helps to promote a business or website with his pet. Here a cute dog acts as a model which holds the banner. The banner shows the logo or text provided by the buyers. The service starts from a base price of $5 and goes up to the premium service of $35. It includes the delivery of 5 to 12 HD photos according to the package purchased.

3. Name on the snowman

This seller discovered a nice innovative idea for Christmas. It allows the seller to earn a small amount by providing a simple service. Here in this service, seller creates a christmas video message for the buyers. The seller use the any text, logo or image provided by the buyer in the video. This service cost $5 in which a name or text with a maximum of 22 characters is written on the belly of the snowman.

4. Written on a car covered in snow

This is an unique concept discovered by this seller. Here the seller write your text or advertise your brand on a car windscreen. A short text is written on the windshield of a car which is covered in snow. Through this the seller seller to earn some money without having any professional skill. According to the seller, it ideal for a facebook page or for a website or for the promotion of an activity.
People will definitely love to see a message dedicated to him/her on a windscreen of a car. Isn’t? 

5. Handwritten quote

A simple quote or a short handwritten sentence allows the seller to earn well, evaluating the commitment that the operation requires.

6. Telepathic message to control the mind

What do you think of this? The seller earns almost 10 Dollars to send a telepathic message to control the mind.
Up to now it has more than hundred 5-star ratings! Incredible isn’t it?

If you are looking for any other service then try searching here:

7. Write with daisies

What about this writing with daisies on a lawn? It is an easy jobs to do on fiverr you can in your free time. Easy to make, but when does spring end, what do you do? You can change flower? Well it’s certainly a nice idea and you earn a few dollars.

Achieving quality products similarly at your affordable price and the fixed time limit is tough to get. You will get an amazing opportunity in Fiverr. From this marketplace, you can choose your favorite YouTube video editor who can meet your demands appropriately.

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