The order was accepted and you don’t want it anymore? Fiverr offers a variety of services that you can use to cancel an order.

Is it possible to cancel an order on Fiverr? Yes, it is possible. You can always cancel an order before shipment and you will always be refunded for any fees incurred by the cancellation. If you have an order in progress, then you will need to contact the seller before canceling so they can start processing the cancellation.In this article, we’ll look at the steps involved in canceling an order on Fiverr from start to finish.

Can You Cancel a Fiverr Order as a Seller?


As a seller on Fiverr, it’s possible to cancel an order after the order has been accepted. To do so, go to “My Gigs” section of your Fiverr account then click on the gig that you want to cancel. Once on the gig page, access the button labeled “Cancel Order.”

When you select this option, a pop-up will ask for confirmation of your decision to cancel the order. If you confirm, the order will be canceled and the buyer notified.

It is important as a seller that canceling orders only occurs if there is a valid reason for doing so such as a dispute with the buyer or being unable to complete the assignment for some reason. If you must cancel an order, it’s best to communicate with the buyer and explain why you are canceling.

My Personal Tip: Canceling an order can have a negative effect on your seller rating. Since it is then important, it’s only advisable to cancel an order if there is a valid reason for doing so – like if the buyer has been unreasonable or if you are unable to complete the order for some reason.

If you do need to cancel an order, always communicate with the buyer and explain why you are canceling the order.

How To Cancel Order On Fiverr As Buyer?

If you want to cancel an order on Fiverr, follow these steps:

1. Go to the order page you want to cancel.

2. Click on the Resolution Center.

3. Select Ask The Seller To Cancel This Order and choose one of the reasons from the list, then click Continue. Once you select your cancellation reason, you also have to explain why you are requesting a cancellation and what reasons you have for your request.

4. After filling out all the details in the cancellation request form, click Send–the order will be canceled as long as the seller accepts your request within 48 hours or if he/she fails and declines your request with a fair reason then contact Fiverr Support Team when this happens.

Types Of Order Cancellation

To cancel an order, take a look at the following.

1.Mutual Cancellations

If the buyer and seller agree to cancel the order, then it’s considered a mutual cancellation.

2. Buyer Requested Cancellation

Canceling an order is possible with the buyer’s permission (simply request a cancellation with the seller), or if the order has been late from the seller by 20 hours or more.

3. Order Cancellation Through Fiverr Support

If you and the other party are unable to come to an agreement, or if your order is declined for cancellation, you can contact Fiverr’s Customer Support team for assistance.

They will review the case and cancel your order if the request is warranted – please provide as many details as possible when submitting a cancellation request.

Acceptable Reasons to Cancel Order On Fiverr


If you need to cancel your order on Fiverr, please note that the Fiverr team will cancel an order based on the following factors:

Completed Order:

If the seller uses copyrighted content in the order.
If the seller does not remove copyrighted content upon request.

Active Order:

After 24 hours it is labeled LATE.
If there is undefined behavior from the seller.
The provider shares his/ her personal contact information.

Delivered Order:

When reasonable service has not been provided and is marked as completed.
If the buyer does not receive anything from the seller (includes all source files).
The seller asks for more money from both parties throughout the course of a purchase, regardless of where this transaction took place.

Tips to Avoid Fiverr Order Cancellation


The world of remote work comes with several complexities. One mistake can lead to the cancellation of an order by a buyer, which is why it’s important to be extra conscientious when doing business with them. Here are a few tips for Fiverr sellers to avoid order cancellation:


  • Add maximum information to your gig’s FAQ section so that buyers can make sense of what you’re selling.

  • Include your demands from the buyer in your gig requirement section so that they can explain any questions they might have before proceeding with the project.

  • Do not overcommit yourself or take the buyer’s instructions too lightly.

  • Avoid copyright infringement during in-order delivery.

  • Never abuse or offend the buyer through demanding personal information from them on Fiverr (it is against their terms and conditions). 

  • If you ask for or share any personal information like email, phone number, etc., you will bear the consequences of this act and will be punished accordingly

  • Try to satisfy the buyer so that quality work is done both ways and there is mutual understanding between both parties involved. 

  • Don’t scam, blackmail, or mislead buyers who are looking for services from people online such as those offered on Fiverr.

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