12 ways to make money as a teen by sitting at home in 2022

by | Nov 30, 2020

Besides our basic necessities, which are mostly fulfilled by our parents, we always have a wish to make money so that we can buy luxurious items. On the other hand, being a teenager you are actually giving yourself an opportunity to utilize your skills and create thinking for some better purpose i-e; making money. Making money as a teenager will teach you a lot of financial skills and the importance of savings. There are a lot of ways through which you can make money as a teen. You can decide the best route of earning yourself. Here are some of the ideas which I am going to present, choose the best for you.

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Start a YouTube channel






Take online survery


Get paid by searching the web & playing games


Social media influencer


Personal assistant


Organize an event


Prepare and deliver food


Get a part-time job

1. Tutoring

Having knowledge or education is the first factor in achieving empowerment. If you have some quality knowledge, then you should start teaching as a part-time earning source. Try to find out people who want to learn something you’re good at. Deliver them lectures and earn. You can also post your lecture videos on a YouTube channel to make money. 

2. Freelancing

Online earning is always preferred over other kinds of works as you can work from home with convenience. If you have good writing skills, you can go for content writing for people who are in dire need of this work. You can write blogs and articles for specific organizations or enterprises that want to present or market their activities or products in front of the public. If you have skills related to the computer, you can make money. You can do this through different platforms, and can earn extra money. There are many sites like Fiverr and Upwork, which offers many gigs for side income.

Even if you’re a teen and don’t have any professional skills then also there are many ways to make money.

11 easy jobs to do on Fiverr without any professional skill

If you are young and spend most of the time in your home or if you are a full-time mother then you may find these ideas helpful. These are the best ways to make money as a teen and have some extra income in your pocket.

3. Start a YouTube channel

There are a lot of teenagers who are making a huge amount of money through the youtube channel. Starting at an early age has an advantage that you have enough time to grow your channel.

You can start your own youtube channel and can make videos according to your aptitude. For example, you can make dancing videos, singing videos, cooking videos, etc. If you have a creative and analytical mindset and have done a lot of experiences in your life, then you can benefit people with your advice. You can help them in opting for the right choices or opportunities in life that can be beneficial for them.

4. Blogger

If you have a creative narrative of explaining your stories or details of daily life activities then you can go for blogging. Blogging is one of the most popular ways to make money as a teen as it doesn’t require much investment. You can talk about lifestyle, health, fitness, hobbies, etc.

If you are thinking to start a blog but do not have any idea about it then you can check this out. They are the professional WordPress designers who can set up your blog for just $5.

Best WordPress Developer: Design your website at just $5!

If you are young and spend most of the time in your home or if you are a full-time mother then also you may find these ideas helpful.

5. Entrepreneurship

In this era, where most people are lacking in getting better job opportunities, you can start your own business by using of your abilities, talent, and analytical thinking to earn money. To start entrepreneurship, get honest with yourself. Determine your strengths and areas which needs improvement. You must have ideas before getting started. Make a plan because a health plan is a roadmap towards your success. Find a mentor and get yourself into an entrepreneurial mindset. Try to identify top entrepreneur books and read them with the idea of applying what you are learning. A study by American Express Open found that more than half of entrepreneurs are paying themselves a good amount of money up to $70,000 per year. But high workload, as well as, financial problems are top stressful things that they face but hardworking in this field will make you successful one day.

6. Take online survery

Although by taking surveys, you will not be able to earn a lot it’s an easy way to earn a good amount online. Swagbucks is one of the oldest and most famous survey sites. This site started 13 years ago and it has paid over $330 million to its users. You can also visit Treasure Trooper, they will pay you for answering questions, playing games, and so on. Other websites include Survey Junkie, MyPoints, and VIP voice, where you can earn by taking surveys.

These are the steps you need to follow to make your survey make more money:

  • Create an email
  • Sign up to survey sites
  • Set a schedule
  • Refer/invite your friends

Try Searching any service on Fiverr

7. Get paid by searching the web & playing games

Swagbucks pays you for doing everything that you’re already doing in your daily routine. They pay you for playing games, watching videos, and searching the web, besides taking surveys. About $300 million have already paid to their users since they started. They pay in the form of PayPal cash, gift cards, and in the form of rewards.

8. Social media influencer

Among social media platforms, Instagram is the most popular platform. You can use it to share whatever kind of content you want to display or discuss with your followers. Many brands and companies can contact you for promotions or collaborations by giving you the desired amount of money for showcasing their products.

9. Personal assistant

It needs a high school education, on-the-job training, and the ability to do work well with others, as well as, multitasking skills. You can check out this article to get an idea about how people are making money by doing this job.

Vitual Assistant for your business

There are lots of talented virtual assistants and private assistant who earn anywhere from $5 to $50 for their service. You can get an idea from their profile and start you own.

10. Organize an event

If you have a deep sense of art, design, and decors you can then definitely set up events for people who want to make their special days memorable like birthday parties, baby/bridal showers, anniversary parties, etc.

11. Prepare and deliver food

If you have good cooking or baking skills, you can prepare food by taking online orders. You can also deliver food by your own self or by hiring delivery guys. Once you win the hearts of your customers by providing them with food which is better in taste and meets the requirements of basic hygiene, then Boom! Your business will start flourishing in near future.

11. Get a part-time job

Following are some potential part-time jobs and the easiest ways to make money as a teen:


  • Work in a restaurant
  • Deliver pizza
  • Work in retail or at a grocery shop
  • Referee: If you are interested in playing games, you probably know the rules of games. So, it will not be hard for you to become a referee.
  • Landscaping business

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Written by Abhinav Anand

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