Work on Fiverr without english

To work on Fiverr it would be better to know English and be able to read and write it correctly. But you can still work by offering your gig to an audience of users of a certain language.

You can surely work on fiverr even if you don’t know English. It provide an option so that you can offer your service (called Gig) in any other language.

Work nationally on International platform

You can offer your Gig for the people of your country who frequent this site. Even if at their number are not too many and it won’t allow all the sellers to work constantly. But these type of customers are increasing continuously.

Check how your service category works

Before registering as a seller, if you want you can do a check to understand if the service you intend to offer is quite requested by the customers.

To do this, just take a look at how many reviews that particular Gig (of any language) of the other sellers who have been working on fiverr for at least eight months to one year offering the same service.


If the feedback is high it is a good sign

If the number of reviews is high, then you can say that there is a demand for that particular service and that it is therefore worth trying.


Start your new job!

However even if the review are not high then also you can try to sell your Gig. You can start even if the audience is limited to that particular language only.

In fact these analyses must not discourage you from creating the gig of your own choice and start working, whether you want to do it full time or just to round up your salary.


You can change the offer whenever you want

On fiverr you have the opportunity to sell your service initially in your desired language and then make it more international when you feel you are good enough to communicate in English. Initially you can also take the help of the Google translator. 

You can always decide and change the price of your gig. You can change the price of your Gig anytime after publishing it.


With fiverr you are free to decide

With Fiverr, you are free to manage your work in the way you find most profitable. However, I would like to clarify that having a Gig written in proper and correct English could allow you to earn much more. Through English, you will also be able to communicate with English-speaking customers in the best way.


\If you haven’t registered to Fiverr yet then you can do it here:


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