In this article, we will learn how payments and withdrawal of payments work on Fiverr?? What will you need to do to transfer your payments to your bank account in your country? Instead of this, can you use Paypal or Payoneer account for the transfer of your earnings?

Clearance of earnings/funds

On Fiverr, Clearance of seller earnings takes place in 14 days. New seller, first level and second level seller have to follow this rule of 14 days. Clearance of their earnings on Fiverr takes place in 14 days after their order completion. However, for top-rated sellers, clearance of earnings take place in 7 days only. Undoubtedly, Fiverr use a very reliable and accurate system for the management of seller earnings.

On the earning page of Fiverr, the seller can get all kinds of information about his/her earnings. Moreover, this system of Fiverr made the availability of Seller earnings with an accurate method. Earning page on Fiverr is next to the account button and this page of Fiverr is always updated in real time.

Transfer of earnings

There is a very simple process for the transfer your earnings of fiverr in your bank account. After 14 days of order completion, you can withdraw your earnings through your bank account. Once the earnings are available in your account, you can use your money. Either you can use them to buy services on Fiverr, or you can transfer them to your bank account. Additionally, there is the option of Withdrawal on earning page and with a simple click, you can transfer money. The only thing you need is a Payoneer or Paypal account for your transactions.

What if you don’t have a Paypal account

If you don’t have a Paypal account, you can use a Payoneer account instead. Moreover, you can register free on a Payoneer account as it is free to sign up on Payoneer. In this case, you have to simply click on the bank transfer button on your Fiverr account. Then you will be asked to register on the Payoneer account before transferring money. This kind of transaction is too fast and will be done within a few days. Nowadays, this process completed even in a single working day. After that, you will see them credited your currency to your bank account. Payoneer account deducts only a few percents of the total amount of your money for each transaction. However, now Payoneer has increased the commission for the conversion of currency. The rate of currency conversion increase from 0.50% to 2%.


If you don’t have a bank account

If you don’t have a bank account, then you can simply use a card with an IBAN number. For instance, the Postepay Evolution or any other similar cards of this kind.


Money transfer with Paypal

Transferring funds through Paypal account is very common these days. It is a very simple method and usually, a transaction takes place only in one day. Moreover, If you already have an active account then you can link your account with Fiverr. Simply the system asks you for your IBAN number and your earnings will transfer to your bank account.


Unverified Paypal Account

The rule for Unverified Paypal account holders is that they can only transfer 2700 dollars per year. For verified Paypal account holders there is no such kind of limitation to follow.


How to verify your Paypal account?

Moreover, if you want to verify your Paypal account, there is a simple method for this. Your account can be verified by checking and connecting a credit card. Additionally, you can also connect your account with a prepaid card or with your bank account. By connecting a card or a bank account you can simply log into your account. For this simply click on the Wallet option in the account menu and follow the instructions.

Cards accepted by Paypal

  •       MasterCard
  •       Visa
  •       Visa Electron
  •       Aura
  •       American Express
  •       Discover
  •       Master
  •       Postepay
  •       Kalibra


Currency conversion costs

With the Paypal account, the commission on currency conversion is around 3 to 4%. The exchange rate of the currency is updated on regular basis according to change in rates. Moreover, if you want to check the current rate of currency, there is also an option for this. For this you can check the current rate by clicking on the Wallet then simply click on the Currency converter option.

If you use a credit card you will have to inquire about the exchange rate applied by the card issuing company, because on Paypal it is possible that it will not be displayed.

For user of Credit Card

If you are a user of a credit card or Paypal then maybe you will not find a currency converter option. For this, you have to inquire about the exchange rate applied by the card-issuing company.

Withdrawal from Paypal account

Indeed it is free to withdraw money from your Paypal account and transfer your earnings of fiverr to bank account. However, you can also transfer your money to your credit card or prepaid card. The transaction service is free until the card and bank account is linked to your Fiverr account. You can connect up to 8 credit cards or prepaid cards to your account. Similarly, you can connect 8 current bank accounts to your Fiverr account.

For withdraws, you need to  earn at least 1 dollar to transfer your money available at your Fiverr account.

Percentage withheld by fiverr

If we talk about the percentage withheld by Fiverr, it withholds only 20% of each order. Moreover, sometimes sellers also receive tips from buyers. It is not a very common thing to happen, but sometimes buyers give a tip to a hard-working seller.

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