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What is Car Wrap Design?

The car wrap design is one of the coolest advertising tactics. Nowadays, we see many private vehicles with cool custom designs on the roads.
So instead of just wondering how cool those designs look, let’s start searching some of the best freelance car wrap design experts on Fiverr. 
Vehicle wrap designers exclusively provide car wrap design services on the freelancing platform.
 It is a big part of branding that can take up quite a bit of your budget. So, below we’ve compiled the list of the top 10 car wrap design seller on a budget!

If you have not heard about Fiverr before then you can read all about it here:

Now, I am going to showcase some profiles of freelancers who are surely experts in car wrao designing. Hope that you will be benefited a lot from picking the perfect fit for your task.

To summarize, these are the top 10 sellers who got a place on our list. Here are some examples of gigs that are offering the service of script writing on Fiverr;

If you are looking for any other service then try searching here:

1. Professional Vehicle wrapping in 24 hours by Fivelogomaker

Fivelogomaker is a 5-star rating seller with 101 reviews! His gig ‘I will design professional vehicle wrapping for car, truck, van in 24 hours’ starts at just $5.  In 1 day’s delivery time get a basic 1 sidecar wrap design and a 3D mockup with unlimited revisions.
Let’s talk a bit about the seller here. Natasha is a Professional Graphics designer and the seller behind this gig. She has 7+years of experience in designing vehicle wraps for cars, trucks, vans, food delivery cars etc. She has designed a variety of business-related wrapping, promotional wrapping, event wrapping, custom wrapping and personal van stickers. She is from Sri Lanka and is a Fiverr seller since Dec 2015.
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2.  Artistic Car Wrap Designs services by Godfather

Godfather is a level 1 seller with a 4.6 rating on his gig.  His lowest charged gig is just $5, he offers a predesigned 1 sidecar and a 3D mockup of your vehicle.
This car wrap design seller is a professional graphic designer on Fiverr specializing in logo & banner, header design, vehicle wraps. He has 7 years of experience and offers the following services along with his car wrap designing expertise:
Sticker branding
Vinyl sticker branding
Vehicle advertisement and graphics
The seller is from Pakistan and a member of Fiverr since Aug 2020.
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3.  Outstanding Car Wrap Designs by Greenpad

He is a level 1 seller with a 4.3 rating on Fiverr. For $5 Greenpad provides the source file of the car wrap design in 1 day’s delivery time and unlimited revisions.
Now, that sounds like a hassle-free service. Get the most of your car wrap design idea when you work with this seller.
The seller is a professional graphics designer from Bangladesh. He is a member of Fiverr since 2016. Also, with his 8 years of experience in the field of design, he creates unique branding designs for packaging, pouch packs, web design and development, brochures, merchandise designing, business cards, book covers and logo designing services.
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4.  Mockup clothing wrap designs and car patterns by Videowoman

Video woman is a level 2 seller with a 5-star rating. This is a team of designers offering its design services on Fiverr since November 2018. The seller is from Pakistan and has over 134 reviews up on their profile.
Let us review the services provided by this seller.
First of all, they do more than just designing car wraps. Their gig ‘I will mock up wrap clothes, cars pattern in Photoshop’ starts at $10 and has a 2 day delivery time. So, if you’re into the clothing retail business, approach this designer to make 3d mockups of your latest design collection on images. Also, they offer car wrap design services as well. 
Quite a versatile team of designers, we must say.
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5.  Car Caricatures by Noe_arshaka

Arshaka does vector design illustrations and draws caricatures. This is a level 2 seller with a 4.9 rating and over 118 reviews upon his profile.
This is probably the most unique gig on Fiverr and starts at $15. He draws car caricatures in a fun and eye-catching manner. For the basic price get a black and white PNG File 4000×3000 px 300dpi with no background as part of the basic package. The delivery time is 3 days and he offers 1 design revision at that price.
The seller is a vector artist from Indonesia and a member of Fiverr since Dec 2017. So, avail of his unique services on Fiverr now.
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6. Car Wrap Designs for Business Advertisements by Designfastt

Designfastt is a level 1 seller with a 4.3 rating for car wrap design. Their basic package starts at $5 in which they offer professional car wrap design services in 1 day’s delivery time and unlimited revisions.
They are a team of full-time graphic designers from Pakistan. All the team members have extensively worked on different design elements and ideas which include; portrait, character & cartoons, vector illustrations, book covers, vehicle wraps, social media cover, web icons and much more. They have been working on Fiverr since Feb 2019, offering high-quality design for vehicle wrapping and other branding services.
Why work with them? They offer a money-back guarantee if the customer isn’t fully satisfied with their quality of work. So we highly recommend that you give them a chance.
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7. Logo Car Wrap Designs by Alex1734

Cool car wrap designs are attractive brand promotion ideas. Alex provides car wrap designs at just $10 which includes: Professional wrap design or logo placement with text for all sorts of vehicles.
Currently, she is a level 2 seller with a 4.7 rating and 621 reviews on her profile by her happy buyers. She hails from India and is a member of Fiverr since 2014. Having spent that much time on Fiverr, we feel she is one the oldest and hardworking freelancer who knows her trade well.
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If you are looking for any other service then try searching here:

8.  Pro Car Wrap Designs by Sujon_us

This car wrap design seller says he design it within 12 hours! Well, his starting price is $10 for a half car wrap. The total duration of is gig 3 days with 3 revisions. He offers:
Elegant simple eye-catching quality design for your vehicle (all side).
PSD file, HQ JPG/PNG versions
Source file
Print-ready files
His expertise lies in creating an attractive design for a racing car or racing car type look for all kinds of vehicles. He has uploaded some of his best works as a sample and we’re quite impressed with the level of detail.
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9. Custom 3D car design or wrap by Jp_services

JP services is a level 1 seller with a 4.9 rating. This seller offers to make a simple yet custom made car wrap design at the basic cost of $5.
Jonathan the head designer for the Canadian based team which specializes in making vehicle car wraps. If you own a Lamborghini, Ferrari, Mclaren or a Bugatti, they will be glad to help you get started with the customization process.
To avail of his car wrap design services, share vehicle details, explain your design ideas and he will build your design and provide updates!
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10. Admob Script by Unity Shukerullah

Perfect Rally and Livery Racing Car Designs by Bingoright
Bingoright is a Morocco-based car wrap design seller on Fiverr since March 2018. His basic package starts at $30 and has a 2 days delivery time. He has quite an impressive car wrap design portfolio on his Fiverr profile and you can check out his other works here.
His design services are not only limited to cars, trucks and vans, he will create mind-blowing designs for motorcycles and trailers as well. The seller has 512 reviews and a 4.0 rating. His average response time is 1-hour, message him and communicate your ideas.
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Achieving quality products similarly at your affordable price and the fixed time limit is tough to get. You will get an amazing opportunity in Fiverr. From this marketplace, you can choose your favorite YouTube video editor who can meet your demands appropriately.

Pro Service

Are you longing for getting top-quality service from Fiverr Pro? By hiring Fiverr Pro you will clearly get the very best service. If you are aiming for a highly professional service then please go for these Fiverr Pro Sellers. Of course, the cost would be higher but you will get excellent professional service without any hassle.

1.  Danno1950

Danno is a level 2 pro-level seller with a 4.9 rating. If you’re looking for high-end scriptwriters, check out his gig here. His starting package is just $125 in which he offers to write a short effective 60-second promotional video script in 5 days delivery time and 1 revision.
Dan is a marketing grad with an MBA degree. He’s previously worked as a voiceover artist and written over 700 articles for online use. He promises to deliver an engaging and sales-generating script that makes the customer say ‘I want your product’. 
Get the services of this scriptwriter on Fiverr and do let us know of the experience!
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2.  Ad scripts by Brandfjohnson

Brandon’s gig starts at $100 and we checked it out he already had 7 orders in queue. If you choose the basic plan, he writes a simple script or story for 30-seconds to 1-minute video or short story that encapsulates your brand/project for any medium of your choice.
Brandon is a commercial, film and literature writer. As part of his portfolio, he has written scripts for ads on many network channels, television series and narrative films. He is one of the top-rated sellers in the script writer’s category on Fiverr since 2015.
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Now that’s quite an impressive feat for scriptwriters.

3.  TV commercial or video scripts by Bkille

Bkille is a level 2 pro-Fiverr seller with a 4.9 rating. His gig ‘I will write a phenomenal TV commercial or video script’ price starts at $150. Get a 15-20 second video script was written with a visual description for your next production.
He has worked with many small businesses and multinationals and writes for different industries such as telecom, financial, food industry, consumer packaged goods (CPG), energy service, cable/TV/mobiles, small businesses, B2B, healthcare, non-profits and education.
So check out his gig here to know, what more he has to offer.

4.  Mayasayvanova

Maysayvano will write a wow video script that sells. Now that’s what the gig says, so let’s have a detailed look. For $245 she writes 30-second video scripts that make the customer want.
A level 2 pro seller with a 4.9 rating. She promises to write scripts that will engage your audience and keep them hooked throughout the video. Maya is from Bulgaria and has been a member of Fiverr since June 2014. She is a Fiverr Pro seller verified in scriptwriting, writing website content, sales and email copy. 
So check out the gig here.

Hope this list helps you find the perfect Script writing to help you learn and grow!

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s drop your workload to them for the attainment of quality service soon.

Let us know if you found this scriptwriters list helpful to you! Keep checking out for blog for the latest blog posts and reviews.

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