Professional photoshop editing: Hire an artist at just $5

by | Aug 13, 2020

Is there anyone who will make your image stunning with professional photoshop editing? Exactly, a fabulous graphic designer can do professional photoshop editing. Their one touch can amaze you with an attractive image. But for this reason, choose a perfect freelancer who is an expert in professional photoshop editing.

In Fiverr, many professional photoshop editors are selling their talent at a very low cost. Perhaps, you dreamt of something that is beyond your imagination. For example, something that is unusual and unique with a blend of color touch. Now you can achieve an image similar to your dream by professional photoshop editing. Therefore, you need to hire someone who is professional in this field.

Now, I am going to showcase some profiles of freelancers who are surely experts in Photoshop editing. Hope that you will be benefited a lot from picking the perfect fit for your task.

To summarize, these are the 14 sellers who got a place on our list. Here are some examples of gigs that are offering their service on on Fiverr

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1.  Do professional Photoshop editing

Are you in need of professional photoshop editing? He is definitely a great seller with 20 years of Photoshop experience. He maintains great communication with customers.

Moreover, he attains more than 6500 positive reviews along with more than 10,000 satisfied customers. He is a top-rated seller whose basic package starts at $5 only.

He pointed out his services in the gig:

      • Color adjust, brightness, contrast, effects
      • Resize images
      • Background remove / change

Also, he can do Portrait retouch, more specifically:

      • Skin retouch effects, rejuvenation, color change, removal of wrinkles, body slim, white teeth, face swap, etc.
      • Real estate: Pics enhance, color, brightness, add objects, remove objects
      • Product retouch, background removal, color change, etc. Get his service right now!

2. Photoshop your picture with any celebrity of your choice

Dreaming of a celebrity look, Right? Abhinav Anand can truly fulfill your dream. As a professional graphic designer and web blogger, he earned a 5star rating. Additionally, he is an experienced graphic designer. He achieved good knowledge of adobe photoshop,

lightroom, and other adobe software. He can significantly do any professional photoshop editing.

Moreover, his goal is customer satisfaction. He clearly stated in his gig that:

      • 100% client satisfaction
      • He’ll make unlimited revisions to your
      • Along with the required delivery, he always delivers something extra to the
      • 100% money back if he fails to meet your

The most important service that he highlighted is photoshop editing. More specifically, make your pictures like your favorite celebrity. His standard package is $10 with 2 picture editing. Hence, who doesn’t wish for his service?

3. Colorize black and white photos

Isn’t it amazing to get back your damaged black and white photo into a repaired color

form? This level 2 seller on Fiverr will surprisingly colorize your black and white portrait.

She’ll definitely not force any color on your photos. Rather, he will experiment with each shade of color. Finally, he will give a perfect visual enhancement. So, the photo appears as realistic as it’s possible.

Her services include:

      • Photo coloring
      • Cartoon and other images
      • Change the color of any object (car, house, shirt, ) on your image

Yet, she can do Photo retouching, Restoration, removal of objects, or other Manipulation if you need that. She sells her standard package at $20. Moreover, she is a 5-star rated seller with more than 1k+reviews. So, without any delay snatch her offer. Give your damaged photo a new look.

4.  Photoshop manipulation your photo, image sfw nsfw

Arif is an Experienced Graphic designer using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator & Adobe XD. He does all kinds of professional photoshop editing and composites, from basic to complex. He sells his service at $20. Besides, he is a 5star rated along with a level 2 seller. Particularly, his service in photoshop manipulation includes Enhancements, Product edits, Simple edits, Resolution, Head change, Body change, Face swap, Body swap, and many more.

5. Remove or change any background professionally

He is a top-rated seller on Fiverr and has been performing since 2013. He will do his best to provide you with professional Photoshop editing.

Despite 7 years of experience on Fiverr, he sells his service at a very reasonable price. He also earned more than 8000 satisfied reviews. 

He will surely amaze you by providing the following services:

      • Background removal / Transparent background
      • Background change
      • Photo merging
      • Removing/ adding objects
      • Product retouching

His basic, standard, and premium packages are at $5, $10, and $20 respectively.

6. Funny Photoshop editing

Do you really want a funny image? Without a doubt, you are at the right place. Let’s make your image funny with professional photoshop editing. He is a level 1 seller, with a 4.9- star rating. Moreover, he is passionate about video and photo editing. He has been selling his service on Fiverr since 2015. He also loves to work with music in videos. In Spite of being an experienced seller, he serves his standard package at $15.

So, let’s make the image funny today with this seller.

7. High-end photo retouching

Navin is a professional photoshop editor with more than 5 years of experience. He is a Level 2 seller and has worked on more than 2000+ images so far. His positive reviews in the gig prove that clients are satisfied with his service.

He sells some of his services relating to Photoshop. For instances:

      • Photo Retouching: All kinds of photo retouching like Portrait Retouching, Outdoor, and indoor retouching with the best quality and 100% satisfaction.
      • Change Color: Change the color of any object and provide a Realistic Image in the
      • Removing Unwanted object/Person from the image
      • Adding Text or logo to the images
      • Background Removal/ Change Background
      • Resizing Image Without losing Quality

Moreover, the outset of his basic package is $5. As an active member since 2019, he earned more than 400 reviews. So, he is greatly recommended seller for professional photoshop editing.

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Try Searching Any Service On Fiverr.

8. High-end jewelry photos retouch

Would you like to turn your jewelry photo into 3d studio-quality? He is an expert in professional photoshop editing. Also, He is experienced with more than 6 years of. He is a level 2 seller with more than 400 reviews on Fiverr.

As you see, in his gig he will provide unlimited revisions along with 100% customer satisfaction.

His services are pointed out below:

      • He will cut out the images and place them into your expected background
      • He will turn your jewelry photo into 3d studio-quality indeed.
      • He will create files with individual layers
      • He will remove dust spots and any kind of scratches
      • He will sharpen and do color correction of your image
      • He will create shadows and
      • Being a level two seller, he sells his premium package for $400.

Therefore, order from his gig now. You will again get the best quality coupled with fast delivery.

9. Professional photoshop editing

Abhinav Anand is a Graphic Designer & Blogger. He has been working with Photoshop & other adobe software such as Lightroom, illustrator, etc since 2015. He can literally do any editing or modification with photoshop. Additionally, his rating is 5.

His first and foremost goal is to clients’ satisfaction.

Before purchasing from his gig just go through his services:

      • High-end picture retouching
      • Remove or change the background
      • Face swapping
      • Color changing & correction
      • Image Retouching
      • Remove object or person from the picture
      • Document editing
      • Image enhancement, resizing
      • Photo manipulation (literally anything)

He is a computer science engineer, graphic designer, and blogger. Above all, he is an expert in professional photoshop editing. He changes $15 for his standard package.

10. Make a video of a beautiful girl holding your banner or message

He is a Graphic Designer. He has done B Tech in Information technology. In addition, he can do professional photoshop editing. He is also an expert in other adobe software such as Lightroom, illustrator, etc since 2015.

He will make a small GIF or video of a beautiful girl holding your logo, banner, image, or any other message for you.

Usually, he makes GIFs and then converts them into videos.

fiverr pro

Pro Service

Fiverr Pro sellers are exceptionally talented and dedicated. Apparently, their charge is high owing to their tremendous professional work. Aiming for a Pro candidate who will serve you the grand piece of work? Just knock the Fiverr Pro Sellers.

1. Retouch & Photoshop accurately and naturally

As a professional photographer & retoucher, Nadav has vast experience in detail, color, composition, and naturalism. Over the past 5 years, he was working as A.P. and retoucher for known fashion photographers. The campaigns he worked for are, Chanel, Burberry, equinox, etc. By all means, he will solve your visual problems along with flawless delivery. Yet, you will get natural-looking imagery, both on time and within budget.

While working with him, you’ll be getting a quick, professional retouch, including:

      • touch-ups,
      • spot removal,
      • liquefy on top of color, and
      • light

Of course, everything you will get similar to the top brand’s imagery. His charges are a bit high. Like, for the basic package, it is $105 due to his high experience in professional Photoshop editing. Because of the many positive reviews of clients, he is a highly recommended seller. So, snatch this 5-star rated seller today!

2. Do clean up, color correct, or repair any photo in photoshop

Jillian is a professional photo retoucher from Portland, OR.

He has huge experience in complex compositing. So, he has a keen eye for detail of color, composition, and realism. Moreover, being experienced for 6 years he gathered knowledge on flawless imagery delivery. He is very alert about the on-time delivery as well.

His professionalism includes minor touch-ups from spot removal to shaving off a few pounds. Not only that but also, he can apply a simple color treatment or any other effect you have in mind. His gig is best suited for smaller tweaks and minimal edits, keep this in mind and place your order.

He can do all:

      • Wedding Photos
      • Product
      • Beauty/Editorial
      • Lifestyle

And he provides you with the following services:

      • Removal
      • Color Correction
      • Blemish Removal
      • Shaping and Smoothing
      • Compositing (Combining images)
      • Cropping Images
      • Adjusting tone, color, saturation
      • Applying a color grade

    He will quickly retouch 5 color photos in his standard package at $500. He is a Pro Retoucher as well as a professional Photoshop editing Expert. Above all, he is passionate about making visually arresting imagery not just perfect, but real. He is always ready to take on challenges for further development in her skills.

    He is a 5star rated seller who has been selling her service since 2018 on Fiverr. Let’s get in touch with him for getting outstanding professional photoshop editing.

    3. Will retouch and enhance your product imagery

    He is a level 2 seller with a 4.9-star rating. He works as a team in Cubefix. In Cubefix, everyone works with transparency. He will definitely come up with ideas for composites or the color palette for your branding. Moreover, you will surely get the best care along with details. Absolutely, you are always welcome to Cubefix imaging. Being a professional in this field he can do retouching.

    Also, he demonstrates color correction and advanced texture work for brands. Such as:

        • BBC
        • Fruit of the Loom
        • Marks, and Spencer, Audi, and Panache for both Trade and Consumer

    Longing for a professional touch on your image? Without any delay, contact him. Let’s bring your image to the life. He will truly enhance your images to give the best impact and representation as much as possible. The outsets of his basic and premium packages are $140, and $350 respectively.

    4. Product photography service

    Sergei is a professional photographer, photoshop editor, and retoucher with over six years of experience. He is a level one seller.

    He would love to create the best quality images for your product. These will sure fit commerce or social media criteria. Using professional equipment, he will surprisingly

    produce high-quality images. Of course, these will exceed your expectations and industry standard!

    He offers the following things:

        • high-end product images
        • professional retouching
        • high-resolution files ready to place for your store or any social platform online store

    Contact him prior to placing your order! So, let’s build a connection with him for achieving professional photoshop editing. He set his charge at $220 for the standard package. Overall, hire him for the attainment of a stunning image.

    To conclude, professional photoshop editing is obligatory to give your image an amazing look. At times, it is difficult to fix photo editing issues. The issues are background problems, flaws, spots, reflection problems, and many more. All of these have now become very simple by hiring a freelancer from Fiverr. They can meet your demand within your budget even. Of course, in terms of quality, you will always be satisfied with their service. So, without a doubt just go these professional photoshop editing today.

     you haven’t registered yourself to Fiverr yet then you can sign up here and get 20% off on your first purchase:

    Written by Abhinav Anand

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