How to work on Fiverr without any professional skill or if you think that you don’t know anything. Even if you do not have any professional skills such as graphic designing, web developing, content creating then also you can earn significant amounts by doing craziest jobs in the world or offering a service you never thought of.

How many times have you thought or even believed that people are strange? I’m sure everyone has thought of it at least once in his life.

And we did it because people are really strange!


There are many people on Fiverr who make easy money

The strange thing is that there is a site that can turn these strange things into money. Sometimes a lot of money! Every person who thought that he cannot do anything has real job and earning opportunities now.

On fiverr, fantasy does well!

These are some of the craziest jobs in the world through which anyone can make money.

Here are some examples


In the Lifestyle category … there is the very famous person named Jesus. A nice American who credibly impersonating Jesus, for 10 dollars excluding any extras. He sends a personal message to anyone you want. He has already sold more than 10,000 times his service.

Earning, after removing the 20% percentage withheld by fiverr, a sum close to $ 100,000 in 4 years. Jesus registered on the site in May 2015. Visit his profile here



Varun Karkhanis

In the same category there is a person named Varun Karkhanis who sell his service for 10 dollars and sends very short videos from India dressed as a “fruit man” (he wears a costume made of fake fruit, but he does other very strange things also) and repeat or sing a message received by the customer.

He had sold his service more than 1300 times till now. He has been registered since 2013 but not being handsome and likeable as Jesus does not earn as much as he does. Visit profile here


In the Lifestyle / Spiritual & Healing category there is Kela, another American who sell her service for 30 dollars and it goes up to 125 dollars. He sends positive energy from a distance and she promises to cure diseases and ailments starting from multiple sclerosis to insomnia.

She has already sold more than 600 services and only received 5-star positive feedback. Then tell me if people aren’t strange. Visit her profile here



Spiritual sage

In the same category there is Spiritual Sage an American who for 15 dollars and any extras ranging from 25 to 75 dollars reads anyone’s mind at any distance with telepathy.

She has sold her service more than 600 times and inexplicably obtained much of the positive feedback, in fact his rating is 5. Visit her profile

But that is not all



Madam Crawley

Still in the same category is Madam Crawley who for 40 dollars up to 70 and any extras makes powerful remote spells for customers who want more money, wealth and luck.

She sold her service over 500 times by getting only positive feedback. Isn’t it crazy? Visit her profile

They are too many to list them all

In the same category, many people offer their services who offer spells for every problem or desire, obtaining largely positive ratings. If this is not strange!


If it is the first time that I speak about strange things on fiverr, However the site also lot of serious professionals who are able to carry out really useful jobs for private and even very demanding entrepreneurs connected from all over the world .

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