Work by selling your cartoon design:

Do you know if you have a passion for drawing then you can make some money through your it? Moreover, you can provide this service to your customers even without leaving your home.

You can create cartoon design or comic drawings with your creativity on Fiverr. If you can make comic drawings with cartoon characters then after some time you may be able to make money with it. Wouldn’t it be bad huh?

There are many opportunities, you can draw any cartoon or comic, including caricatures.

You could be inspired by some designer who has been working on Fiverr for some time. I’ll show you some gigs of Fiverr in one of its subcategories:

Cartoon & comics is one of the sub-categories present under the main category of Graphics & Design.

Graphics design software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, or Corel Draw is necessary for drawing in a professional way.


To summarize, these are the 9 sellers who got a place on our list. Here are some examples of gigs that are offering the service of cartoon design & comics on Fiverr;

1.  Draw your cartoon character

The seller offers that he will make your cartoon character in an interesting and unique way. In this gig there are the 3 phases of the creation of the cartoon character:


  • Phase 1 – Drawing
  • Phase 2 – Adding basic colors
  • Phase 3 – Completing the cartoon character with shadows, shades, and background

2.  Make cartoon of a car

The seller offers a very unique and interesting cartoon design to offer the clients in his gig. Moreover, he offers his help in making a cartoon style car that you can give to your friend as a gift. Additionally, he clarifies that it`s a digitally made work of art based. The seller will transform art based form of your photo into a cartoon.

The seller is a level 1 seller with a good rating and earning a good amount of money.

3.  Draw pet as a cartoon character

The seller offers that he will draw your pet into a cartoon character. No doubt his idea is very unique in this category. Moreover, this designer creates joyful characters, adding a subtle white outline to them and completes the work with little hearts.

The designer is a level 1 seller and his basic package starts from 24 dollars. 

4.  Draw character in Pokemon style

The seller offers that he will draw the pokemon style character of his customers. He also claims that he is specialized in pokemon style drawing. On this, the customer asks to draw himself as his favorite pokemon character. Moreover, the seller offers that he will draw a pokemon trainer’s full body for his clients.

The seller is a level 2 seller on Fiverr and earning a good amount of money by his creativity.

5.  Draw a digimon oc

The seller claims that he has experience of 3 years in plushie making. Moreover, he is a newbie cosplayer and loves to draw his work digitally. This designer draws the Digimon in the different phases according to the package chosen in the order.

6.  Illustrate into a cartoon character

As the use of avatar cartoons is widespread on social networks as a profile picture these days. The seller offers his services in this trend and offers to draw a cartoon avatar of his customers.

Moreover, sellers offer that you can use that hand made digitally drawn avatar in many ways. You can use that as your profile picture, business mascot, birthday gift, and painting on the shirt.

The seller is a level 1 seller on Fiverr and earning a good amount of money from his illustration.

7. Turn people into a dragon ball character

The seller offers his services in drawing of dragon ball character. By sending a photo, the customer can ask to transform himself into a dragon ball character. The service includes a drawing of one half body character with color in a high-resolution source file.

The seller is a level 1 seller and the basic package start from 9 dollars.

8.  Turn people into a dragon ball warrior cartoon

The seller offers head to chest drawing with full color and high-resolution file. The customer can be drawn as a new dragon ball warrior character. Moreover,  He offers that customers will get a drawing of their own will.

The seller has a good rating on Fiverr and he is earning decent money from his drawings.

9.  Draw anime manga character

The seller offers that she is a freelance artist for the past 8 years. She offers to draw various styles that vary from realistic to cartoon styles. The seller offering her services to draw anime manga character for her customers. Moreover, she also claims that she can draw in all themes like fantasy, mechs, or cute children themes.

The basic package of this seller starts from 19 Dollars.

10.  Manga anime drawing

This seller also offers to draw NSFW anime manga illustration. She claims that she is an NSFW illustrator and also an expert in dynamic poses. Moreover, she offers to draw the headset of the NSFW anime girl character. This designer also creates manga anime illustrations, but only with female characters. She offers that she will draw in;

Only women, Loli, a female character from anime manga, furry, and NSFW erotic pose illustration. She offers freestyle drawings in PNG and PSD file formats.

This seller is a level 1 seller on Fiverr and by her services, she is earning good money from it.


These were just a few examples to inspire before selling your cartoon design.

You are free to create your own personal style and to sell your works at the price you think is right and according to your work.

A tip: To get noticed in the hundreds of Gig present in this category, you will have to show the best of your skills in the example drawings. This is important

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