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by | Apr 20, 2021

Would you like a custom-made doodly video for your business?

Doodly videos are simple online videos designed to help you or your company convey a message. They explain a product or content in the most appealing way possible, usually in an entertaining way. You can also see them as mini-movies that help clarify a concept that isn’t easily understood and requires a certain level of visual expression. The narrator uses drawings and hand-drawn characters to explain the concept while they address the viewer directly. This style is helpful because it encourages the viewer to feel a close connection to the narrator.

The best part is, you don’t need a video recording device to make one! Doodly videos can be about any topic, from something as simple as how to tie a shoe to how to fix the engine of a car. They can be a powerful tool for businesses or individuals to get a complicated idea across in a simple way.

Nowadays, animated explainer videos are hot! Two thirds of consumers find them helpful, and a whopping 85% say they’re more likely to buy after seeing a video. In addition, 74% would trust a business more when they see an explainer video. So, you’ll need one if you want to get your message across.

If you’re looking for a high-quality doodle video for your business, here are some great sellers on Fiverr to check out:

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1. Create Custom Explainer Video in Full HD 1080p


Albert animation is a team of highly experienced motion designers and animators who work tirelessly 7 days a week to bring their clients’ visions to life. With over 10 years in the industry, they have worked with a wide range of clients, broadcast networks, and animation studios. They are TOP RATED SELLERS on Fiverr for their unrivaled quality animation, customer service, and prices. Albert animation specializes in creating custom doodle explainer videos in full HD 1080p quality.

What that means is that they take your idea and create an entertaining, dynamic video that will really get your message across. Their videos are designed in a way that uses a lot of humor, which is perfect for getting people’s attention and engaging them with your product or service.

Service Top Feature of this seller:

  • Premium Graphic and animation
  • 100% original character and animation.
  • We always hear your feedback and suggestion with Unlimited Revision!
  • Easy Workflow and Process.
  • No Hidden Fee

The seller provides three packages:

Basic: A low-budget type of animation that will last between 0-15 seconds and will be delivered within 3 days. You will be allowed 3 revisions and this will cost you $400.

Standard: A perfect explainer video for startup businesses that will last between 31-60 seconds. This will include a storyboard, voice-over, and BG music, with 10 days delivery and unlimited revisions. This will cost you $600.

Premium: A perfect video for corporate purposes that will last between 31-60 seconds + include a script. This high-quality design video will be delivered within 10 days with unlimited revisions and cost you $650.

2.Create whiteboard explainer animated doodly

If you’re looking for an affordable and professional way to bring your ideas to life, look no further than whiteboard animation! Salman_ghafoor is an expert in this field with over 2 years of experience in creating engaging and compelling explainer videos. He understands the importance of effective communication and will work with you to ensure that he understands your objectives and what you’re looking for in the final product. 

Passionate about his work, he will stop at nothing to help you achieve your goals. Salman_ghafoor has been a level 1 seller and has been on Fiverr since 2020. He has created 20 whiteboard explainer animations with many clients and has received 5 positive ratings.

What can you expect when you work with this seller?

    • An amazing whiteboard animation
    • A voice-over to go along with the animation
    • A quick turnaround time
    • Unlimited revisions until you’re happy with the final product
    • A 180-second-long video
    • 100% commercial usage rights

This seller offers three different packages to choose from:

Basic: You will get an amazing whiteboard animation (1080p HD) + 75 words script (provided by you). Delivery takes just 2 days, and you will get unlimited Revisions.

Standard:  You will get an amazing whiteboard animation (1080p HD), a 150-word script, and a voiceover recording for just $15. Delivery takes just three days, and you get unlimited revisions.

Premium: You will receive an amazing whiteboard animation (1080p HD) + 250 words script (provided by you) + voiceover recording within 3 days. You are allowed unlimited revisions.

Before placing an order, he will need a written script of up to 250 words from you. He always seeks long-term relationships with clients and client satisfaction is his top priority. If you’re not happy or satisfied, you can take your money back. If you have any questions, feel free to message him.

3. Presentations into Awesome Whiteboard Animation

Marifel is a level 2 seller with a 5-star on her gig ‘I will create an engaging whiteboard animation video. For a basic doodly video of 60 seconds, she charges $5 and the work is delivered in 2 days, along with voice-over recording, music and background design.
The doodly video seller has 83 reviews on her gig and is from the Philippines! She is a Fiverr member since Feb 2020 and has created an impressive portfolio over Fiverr in the years. She is one of the best sellers for making doodly videos on a budget. Just by the way, the seller is an Engineer by Profession and enthusiastic about creating Doodly video on a budget for you.

4. Handyman whiteboard video for your business by Faysaltlk

Faysal does handyman doodly video on a budget. He provides an HD video of 720p with your business Logo. His gig delivery time is 2 days with 2 revisions included.
If you opt for the basic package, the seller provides the following:
Up to 34 Seconds Running Time
Music/Sound Design included
He is a Graphics designer and digital marketer and has been a member of Fiverr since 2017. Handyman doodly videos can be used for a marketing campaign, event promotion, presentations, YouTube, branding, special events, advertising, commercial projects, product sales and just about anything you have in mind.

Check out his profile if handyman doodly videos work for your business or project.

5. Doodly and scribe whiteboard animation video 

Needle animation is a level 2 with a 5-star rating. He has a lot to offer at $10. The basic package includes; full HD video of 1080p of 50 Words with logo and voice over and background music.

They provide the following services:
Studio Quality (Natural) voice recording 
Full HD 1080p 
Background Music
Sound Effects if required
Unlimited revisions
However, the buyer has to provide the voice over, a written script and website link and logo. The delivery time is 2 days with unlimited revisions of the doodly video.

6. Logoexpert48

Anees or the logo expert is a professional logo & whiteboard video designer. He’s worked on many different campaigns related to doodly video animations. He is a relatively new member on Fiverr since he joined in 2020 but he has made it as a level 2 seller with a 4.9 rating and over 156 reviews.
Let’s talk more about what this seller has to offer
Logo expert charges $10 for a 35-second video in HD and a free voice-over recording in 1 day’s delivery time.
He has quite a few incentives for new buyers on his gig description page. Additionally, he offers a discount for first-time buyers, a natural male/female voice over recording, fast delivery, copyright-free background music, unlimited revisions until your satisfaction and an ultra HD video animation.

7. Professional Whiteboard or doodle video animation_007

Whiteboard_007 is a 5-star rated, level 2 seller who create doodle videos in just 24 hours.
His starting gig is $15 with unlimited revisions. He guarantees 100% customer satisfaction with his doodly video animations. All he needs is a 250-word long script and 24 hours to create a mind-blowing doodly video for you on a budget.
What to expect?
Amazing Whiteboard Animation
24 hours extra fast delivery 
Unlimited revisions
180 seconds Long Video 
100% Commercial Usage Rights
Whiteboard_007 is a Professional whiteboard video maker with over 2 years of experience in whiteboard and 2d production. He guarantees high-quality work to help grow your business.
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    Try Searching Any Service On Fiverr.

    8. Animated Whiteboard Video in Spanish by Miguelblanco

    Miguel Blanco caters to the Spanish audience. Blanco is a level 2 seller with a 4.9 rating on his gig.
    It’s good news for Spanish run businesses, they can get a 40-second video done at the starting price of $20. He offers a 1 day delivery time with 3 revisions.
    Also, he is from Venezuela and probably is one of the oldest Fiverr sellers since Oct 2014 and popular for making doodly videos on a budget. Overall, he has 593 reviews on his gig. This makes him more competitive and experienced.
    To get started, send him a message and your script and see how it works out for you

      9. Powtoon explainer video by Arniedel

      Arniedel has a doodly video gig named ‘I will put the pow in your powtoon explainer video’. He has added a very fun cartoon as part of his sample work uploaded on Fiverr. This makes it all the more interesting. Starting at $350, he offers professional doodly video animations in 5 days delivery time. 
      A bit about Arniedel, he is a Master Powtoonist who makes explainer video for websites, social media pages and doodly videos on a budget. He’s been creating videos for companies worldwide since 2015.

        10. Custom Whiteboard Explainer Sketch or a Sales Video 

        Explando offers a complete package for doodly video animation. Their starting price is $150 and in 6 days they deliver your idea in the form of a doodly video on a budget. All you have to do is just share your idea and see it come real.
        Let us see what he has to offer to his buyers:
        Up to 30 Seconds Running Time
        Voice Over Recording
        Illustrated Background included
        Music/Sound Design included
        Additionally, Explando is an animated video marketing and design agency. It is a 5-star rated seller with over 230+ reviews and has been selling on Fiverr since April 2018.
        They may not be Fiverr Pro sellers but they sure are expert in making custom whiteboard animations and explainer videos on videoscribe and doodly.

          Pro Service

          Are you longing for getting top-quality service from Fiverr Pro? By hiring Fiverr Pro you will clearly get the very best service. If you are aiming for a highly professional service then please go for these Fiverr Pro Sellers. Of course, the cost would be higher but you will get excellent professional service without any hassle.Are you longing for getting top-quality service from Fiverr Pro? By hiring Fiverr Pro you will clearly get the very best service. If you are aiming for a highly professional service then please go for these Fiverr Pro Sellers. Of course, the cost would be higher but you will get excellent professional service without any hassle.

          1. Custom Made Explainer Doodly Video by Graphicsic

          Arigato Studio is a Digital video agency behind this Fiver Pro seller Graphicsic. A level 2 seller with a 4.9 rating from Spain. They make powerful and visually attractive marketing videos for startups, marketing campaigns and educational purposes.
          Their basic package starts at $500, offering a 30-second long simple animation with illustrations from their gallery. For every extra second, they charge $12.
          They are a team of 20 professional video animators and creative managers. So, first, pitch your idea and see it transform into a script. Next, they work on making it a doodly video of your dreams. You can also get 1 free revision of your video in this package.
          Get the services of this professional design agency for your next marketing video idea!

            2. Dynamic Modern 2D Explainer Animation by Toongoose

            Toongoose is a new pro seller with a 4.9 rating on Fiverr. It is a company of animators, designers, copywriter and managers that help you with all the aspects of animation production. They charge over $2,350 for a 60-second video with up to 2 revisions and in 14 days delivery time. 

            Although, the script isn’t included the pricing mentioned on their gig. They like to work in collaboration with the buyer to create the script. It is better to contact them before placing an order, as terms and conditions vary from project to project.

            If you’re a business with a big budget, why not try their services?

              3. Premium Explainer Video Services by LemonDigital

              Lemon Digital is a new pro-level seller. It is a digital agency offering a starting package of $4,900 for a 60-second custom made video. The gig goes by the title ‘I will make an awesome premium video explainer’. The video animation includes: 
              Voice Over Recording
              Up to 60 Seconds Running Time
              Music/Sound Design included
              Illustrated Background included
              Up to 155 Words 
              Why do they claim to provide premium services? Because they don’t use stock images in their video animations. Every video is created from scratch by their talented art-directors, animators and screenwriters.
              Get premium explainer videos done for your project. The minimum delivery time is 29 days so it is a lot of work and details that we’re expecting from this seller.

                4. Detailed Professional 2D explainer videos by Toongoose 

                Toongoose has another gig by the title ‘I will create detailed professional 2d explainer animation’ at the starting price of $5,195.
                They will create a professional studio-grade explainer video for your company with rich 2D graphics, character animation and some 3D magic. This gig offers a far more detailed version of doodly video animations than the previous gig we discussed. This gig perfect for buyers looking for short ideas and website intros turning into 60-second long videos.

                We hope you enjoyed reading this article on doodly video animators on Fiverr! Let us know if you’re working with any of the sellers mentioned above and how they are doing!

                So, what are you waiting for? Let’s drop your workload to them for the attainment of quality service soon. 

                If you are new to Fiverr then you can get 20% off on your first order. To get this use the promo code 20FIVERR or click the button below

                Written by Abhinav Anand

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